Friday, April 09, 2010


A brand new song from Canadian melodic thrash metal pioneers ANNIHILATOR is
available to listen to online now at the Earache Records MySpace page.

The new song, titled "Coward", comes off ANNIHILATOR's upcoming self-titled
album, which is due to be released in Europe on 17th May. Listen to the new
track online at

ANNIHILATOR guitarist and mainman JEFF WATERS comments:

"This one turned out pretty fast and thrashy but has a pretty cool slow-down
in the middle of the tune. Dave (Padden) wrote the lyrics on this and is
pretty pissed off at someone; I think, a former friend of the family.
Nothing really technical and difficult, other than some limb-cramping guitar
picking and non-stop drum rippage, but I would describe it as simply a
headbanging, no-B.S. metal scorcher. I am looking forward to posting some
more songs from the new CD soon, as each song seems to really be different.
Cheers metal friends!"

'ANNIHILATOR' is the band's thirteenth studio album and is sure to please
both old and new fans with its shredding guitars and catchy hooks.

The track listing for 'ANNIHILATOR' is as follows:

01. The Trend
02. Coward
03. Ambush
04. Betrayed
05. 25 Seconds
06. Nowhere To Go
07. The Other Side
08. Death In Your Eyes
09. Payback
10. Romeo Delight

'ANNIHILATOR' is available to pre-order now in a special, limited edition
set. The set includes the ripping new album on CD, along with an
ANNIHILATOR logo keyring, a sticker sheet and three pin badges, all housed
in a special clam box. The first 500 orders will also receive a free and
exclusive ANNIHILATOR guitar pick.

Pre-order your copy now in Europe at

View a picture of the limited edition clam box set at

For more ANNIHILATOR news and info, head to

Check the band out on MySpace at

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

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