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Swedish heavy metal sensations ENFORCER are preparing for the release of
their brand new album, DIAMONDS, on May 24th in Europe through Earache
Records and in the rest of the world on May 25th through Heavy Artillery

DIAMONDS is ENFORCER's second album and features ten tracks of pure,
classic-sounding heavy metal.

ENFORCER frontman OLOF WIKSTRAND gives a track-by-track description of the
second half of the album:

"I think it's really important to be consistent with some things and to open
the B-side with an instrumental track is one of those things I want to make
a trademark. It's built on two parts where we stole the last part from a
song that Joseph had in a completely different band years ago. We knew we
wanted to use that somewhere on the record. We sat down one day and just
decided to make it a song. So we begun with a riff that I intended to use
to another part, and we just jammed up the rest to the first part. Cool and
spontaneously. The vocals in the end of the song are sang by a friend to us
from a local rock band in Stockholm called The Vanjas."

Live for the Night
"'Live for the Night' is without doubt the fastest song on the album and
pretty much a leftover from 'Into the Night'. Even though it's a great
song, I figured that it wasn't gonna make it to the 'Into the Night' album
as a whole back then so I saved it for later. I also wanted to put the
fastest song after the instrumental to keep up that consistency also on this
album. The lyrics are about a dark demon that comes up from hell to destroy
your life!"

"A pretty fast one that Joseph surprisingly came up with last summer with
lyrics and everything. Starts off with a fast riff that goes into a
somewhat melodic chorus and then into a break of two different vocal parts
and a hell of a solo duel between Joseph and Adam. I hadn't been singing it
when we rehearsed and since Joseph had been singing this for himself, we had
to rewrite all the vocal lines in the studio. That took us a while. It's
probably the hardest song for me to sing, and I still don't have a clue how
I will make it live."

Walk With Me
"This is also a song completely done by Adam that I have to admit that I
didn't see the potential in it when we first started to rehearse and record
it. But one morning in the studio Adam and Rikard pushed me really hard in
the vocal booth to something I couldn't see and PAW! We suddenly had the
greatest chorus ever! In a morning we had turned an average song to the
biggest hit on the record. I love the chorus and the break after the solos.
The lyrics here are inspired by the television series Twin Peaks."

Take Me to Hell
"The closer of the album. This is the newest song on the record, and my
original thought was actually to have it open up the third album. But we
had to pull off another song in the last minute that just didn't make it, so
suddenly we had a spot over. The song is a big punch in your face and has
probably the most direct chorus you can think of. The message of the song
is easy. It's a big fuck off to heavens and a call to consecrate your soul
to the devil."

If you missed part 1 of the DIAMONDS track-by-track, you can still read it

DIAMONDS is available to pre-order now in Europe on limited edition digipak
CD and limited edition coloured vinyl LP.

Pre-order your limited edition copy of DIAMONDS now, with a free poster
while stocks last, at

View an image of the available formats at

DIAMONDS is also now available to pre-order on iTunes in Europe at

ENFORCER are due to kick off a European tour this Saturday, May 1st with
CAULDRON, SUICIDAL ANGELS and STEELWING. Catch them live at the following

Power of Metal tour
01.05.2010 Regensburg, Germany - Boiler Room
02.05.2010 Terneuzen, Netherlands - The Pit
03.05.2010 Frankfurt, Germany - Nachtleben
04.05.2010 Wien, Austria - Escape
05.05.2010 München, Germany - Backstage
06.05.2010 Arnheim, Netherlands - Willemeen
07.05.2010 Schweinfurt, Germany - Stattbahnhof
08.05.2010 Essen, Germany - Turock
09.05.2010 Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob
10.05.2010 Hamburg, Germany - Marx
11.05.2010 Berlin, Germany - Alte Feuerwache Treptow
12.05.2010 Wangen, Germany - Jugendhaus
13.05.2010 Dessau, Germany - Metalfest Open Air Germany
14.05.2010 Mining am Inn, Austria - Metalfest Open Air Austria
15.05.2010 Pratteln, Switzerland - Metalfest Open Air Switzerland

View the "Power of Metal" tour flyer at

26.05.10 Leeds, UK - The Well
27.05.10 London, UK - The Old Blue Last
28.05.10 Manchester, UK - Satan's Hollow
29.05.10 Birmingham, UK - Scruffy Murphy's

View the UK tour flyer at

Get more ENFORCER news and info, and check out the track "Midnight Vice", at

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

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