Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Swedish heavy metal sensations ENFORCER are preparing for the release of
their new album, DIAMONDS, on May 24th in Europe through Earache Records and
the rest of the world on May 25th through Heavy Artillery Records.

DIAMONDS is ENFORCER's second album and features ten tracks of pure,
classic-sounding heavy metal.

ENFORCER frontman OLOF WIKSTRAND gives a track-by-track description of the
first five tracks on DIAMONDS:

Midnight Vice
"First song of the album, which you already know is available to hear on our
MySpace page, summarizes our sound in a very specific way. It's a fast song
with a catchy chorus and a very hooky main riff. It's a shuffle song played
in a high tempo which makes the song pretty swingy, and actually faster than
it actually is. The song is 100% Enforcer and that's why we decided to put
it first. The lyrics are about an urge to kill, a possession to murder
after midnight.

Roll the Dice
"That is another song that really defines our sound. It is also the first
song that we finished with lyrics and everything to this album. It's been a
demo version around for quite a while now, and we actually had a hard time
making it as good as (or hopefully better than) the demo. This song is
actually my favorite of all our songs and my guess is that this track will
be the most prominent of the whole album. It's got a great structure and
arrangement and the chorus is great. Along with the breakdown and solo part
it makes the song a real hit!

"This song is Adam's work right through. We picked up a few riffs that Adam
had used in a band he played in years ago which was called Katana Samurai.
It had a few great riffs that we've been speaking about for years to do
something with and it turned into this song. We actually had a couple of
fights about having such a long and epic song in our repertoire, but it
turned out to be a great song that also gave the album a little broader
touch. The lyrics on this one are written by our dear friend Tomas
'Witchfinder' Ericsson of Helvetets Port.

Running in Menace
"We had finished all songs and we were going to enter the studio just in a
couple of days when Jonas surprisingly came up with this song. He had even
recorded a cool demo version of it secretly that he showed us and I don't
even know if he intended to make it an Enforcer song. But I really wanted
to make room for it so I decided to give it a go and I think it works
perfectly as an Enforcer song. I think this is one of the most direct and
catchy of the songs on the record, even though it has a little slower tempo.

High Roller
"It's a long shot if you're asking me and I have still not decided if I like
it or not. It's pretty much built upon the main riff that I've had in mind
since the demo days. It has existed in many versions before the one that
ended up on the album and it has been named various different things. So I
guess that's why I'm pretty blind or should I say deaf to this song."

ENFORCER and Toronto bashers CAULDRON are due to team up in May for the
"Power of Metal" European tour with SUICIDAL ANGELS and STEELWING, followed
by a short UK tour. Catch them live at the following shows:

Power of Metal tour
01.05.2010 Regensburg, Germany - Boiler Room
02.05.2010 Terneuzen, Netherlands - The Pit
03.05.2010 Frankfurt, Germany - Nachtleben
04.05.2010 Wien, Austria - Escape
05.05.2010 München, Germany - Backstage
06.05.2010 Arnheim, Netherlands - Willemeen
07.05.2010 Schweinfurt, Germany - Stattbahnhof
08.05.2010 Essen, Germany - Turock
09.05.2010 Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob
10.05.2010 Hamburg, Germany - Marx
11.05.2010 Berlin, Germany - Alte Feuerwache Treptow
12.05.2010 Wangen, Germany - Jugendhaus
13.05.2010 Dessau, Germany - Metalfest Open Air Germany
14.05.2010 Mining am Inn, Austria - Metalfest Open Air Austria
15.05.2010 Pratteln, Switzerland - Metalfest Open Air Switzerland

View the "Power of Metal" tour flyer at

26.05.10 Leeds, UK - The Well
27.05.10 London, UK - The Old Blue Last
28.05.10 Manchester, UK - Satan's Hollow
29.05.10 Birmingham, UK - Scruffy Murphy's

View the UK tour flyer at

For more ENFORCER news and info, head to http://www.myspace.com/enforcerswe

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

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