Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Earache Records is pleased to reveal the previously mentioned secret guests for The Earache Factory stage at this year's Boomtown Fair as none other than SHIKARI SOUND SYSTEM.

The electronic alter-ego of British alternative giants ENTER SHIKARI (who will themselves be playing the Town Centre stage at Boomtown), SHIKARI SOUND SYTEM join The Earache Factory as part of a lineup which features some of the best in metal, punk, rock, stoner and psych, ranging from world-famous artists to the hottest new heavy bands on the scene.

ENTER SHIKARI/SHIKARI SOUND SYSTEM frontman Rou Reynolds comments:

"I was already looking forward to this weekend and our first Boomtown experience, but knowing we've got some Shikari Sound System late-night revelry on the cards too has just cranked it up a notch.  The Earache guys have put together a bill on their stage that runs the gamut of heavy music excellence, so we're psyched to be following them with some glittery disco anthems to really show the metal kids what's up!  But, seriously, we look forward to heading over after our full-band set and be busting out the best in drum & bass and some unreleased Shikari remixes that we're holding especially for the night."

The Earache Factory is a completely new venue at Boomtown, curated by the legendary independent label Earache Records and located in the heart of Diss-order Alley.  Earache has issued over 600 releases since its inception in 1987 and built its reputation on extreme music and a punk attitude.  Last summer, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the label, Earache was invited to curate the first ever "heavy" music stage at Glastonbury Festival called "The Earache Express", which resulted in primetime TV on BBC1 and Ed Miliband impersonating NAPALM DEATH on BBC Radio 4.

The full stage times for Thursday, 9th August at The Earache Factory have been revealed as follows:

14:30 - 15:00 VODUN
15:30 - 16:00 PENGSHUI
16:30 - 17:15 HEAVY LUNGS
19:30 - 20:15 FEED THE RHINO
21:00 - 22:00 IDLES

Boomtown's multidimensional world not only provides some of the best in underground and global music but incorporates it with some of the most unexpected and immersive theatre.  As part of Boomtown's ever-evolving storyline, Diss-order Alley is themed around a military base which has been abandoned and overtaken by an autonomous community of punks.  Attendees are encouraged to embrace their inner characters and immerse themselves in the intricately designed venues populated by walkabout performers weaving their way through the city's streets.

Boomtown Fair Chapter 10 takes place at Matterley Estate just outside Winchester from August 9th to August 12th.  Get tickets to the festival here <http://www.boomtownfair.co.uk>.

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