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Hate Eternal DVD trailer online

Hate Eternal DVD - 'The Perilous Fight' trailer online

For any Death Metal act, success in the live arena is paramount. Each band
is judged on its ability to deliver in front of a live audience, to
re-create the musicianship forged on record into a precision live delivery.
Every band strives to become known as the best Death Metal live act as a
matter of honour. Certainly Hate Eternal view every live appearance this

The band, led by the enigmatic Erik Rutan, have always let loose a 'take no
prisoners' approach to all that they do. The very name of the band
such a rage and fury, leaving the listener in no doubt what to expect. Over
the course of the three caustic albums - 'Conquering the Throne', 'King of
All Kings' and 'I, Monarch' - Hate Eternal have refined and honed their
devastating brand of all-out, total speed, hate-fuelled Death Metal.
line up changes, van crashes, tornados and a myriad of trials and
tribulations along the way, the band have prevailed. And the live setting
the where Hate Eternal excels.

Filmed live in London June 4 2006 at The Garage, 'The Perilous Fight' shows
Hate Eternal at their best. Coming at the end of an extensive US and
European touring period that saw them bring Real Death Metal to new
audiences by touring with the likes of Hatebreed, Chimaira and Arch Enemy,
and featuring stand in drummer Reno Killerich, filling the drum stool
vacated at the 11th hour by Derek Roddy, the band are tight and focused
the off.

Raging through 12 tracks selected from all their albums, the band blast,
grind and pummel their way through the set with malice and intent. Rutan is
also well known for spending years as part of the Morbid Angel line (a role
he recently reprised) and works the crowd like a veteran, stoking the fires
that little bit more throughout the performance.

The extras include an interview with the band immediately post-gig, where
Rutan describes at length the reasons for his chosen musical path and how
has overcome the various obstacles thrown up during the band's existence.
Additionally, all of the band's promo videos are included, in particular
unreleased clip for 'The Victorious Reign' filmed by Shane Drake (Trivium,
Hawthorne Heights, Panic! At the Disco). Rutan also takes us on a tour of
his own Mana Recording Studios, scene of much of his production work on
bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Job for A Cowboy and of course, Hate

With live sound expertly mixed by Rutan himself and artwork by Paul Romano
(Mastodon), 'The Perilous Fight' is the definitive Hate Eternal

You can watch the trailer online at:

HATE ETERNAL "The Perilous Fight" is released on Earache records on October
(Hate Eternal live at the Garage, London 4th June 2006)
1. Two Demons
2. Servants of the Gods
3. The Vicious Reign
4. Dogma Condemned
5. I, Monarch
6. Behold Judas
7. The Obscure Terror
8. To know our enemies
9. Powers that be
10. By his own decree
11. Sons of darkness
12. King of all kings

Promo videos:
1. The Powers that be
2. I, Monarch
3. The Victorious reign

Bonus feature:

Hate Eternal interview
Behind the scenes at Mana studios

Check www.earache.com for more information
Buy it now at www.earacheshop.com

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