Friday, October 20, 2006

Jared Anderson RIP

Earache Records would like to express its condolences to the family and
friends of Jared Anderson who passed away on October 14.

Jared made a lasting impression on the Earache catalogue with his
contribution to the Hate Eternal album 'King of All Kings', as well as his
masterful live performances with the band, a feat he was to repeat with
equal class when fronting Morbid Angel after the departure of Steve Tucker.

Earache label manager Dan Tobin commented on Anderson's passing:

'I think Erik Rutan has pretty much said it all when it comes to expressing
the regret and shock at Jared's passing. I only met the guy a couple of
times when he came through the UK with Morbid Angel, but he struck me as a
thoughtful and dedicated musician who was able to take on the challenges
presented to him by both Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel. Particularly with
Morbid Angel, he won over fans with his wholehearted commitment to the
and also the fans of the music. The response from the fans to the news of
his death only goes to prove the positive impression he made on people.'


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