Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rare EWIGKEIT performance Live from a Bunker


See the ultra-rare performance of EWIGKEIT - Live from a Bunker here:

EWIGKEIT - "Live from a bunker" was recorded on Saturday the 4th of October
Mr Fog outlines the plan:
"It really is an old nuclear bunker - converted into a studio, it belongs
to a rich friend of mine. Its on the outskirts of Brighton, and is a
underground concrete complex of 3 rooms. The room we used is the
reinforced room which is supposed to be where you ideally go when the
nuclear strike takes place. The ceiling is 6ft thick, with a lead lining
and wire mesh throughout"
James Fogarty (vox/ guitar), Jordan Long (bass) (nominated for a Perrier
award for his comedic ability and an in demand actor) & Andrew Bridge (keys
and digital manipulations)
Camera by Anthony Gates

Mr. Fog, front man and reclusive genius behind Ewigkeit states "EWIGKEIT
played it's first live studio performance deep in a converted nuclear
bunker because due to the themes of the music, we thought it would be the
safest place to escape the tyrannical power of the New World Order"
He continues - "the bunker is (as far as we know) bunker-buster proof, and
impenetrable to US spy satellites"
The gig which lasts for about half an hour "it is dedicated to all those
who fight the powers-that-be past, present and future and the successful
continuation of anti-establishment musical warfare"
Mister Fog also mentions that "The gig induced extreme paranoia"
Fogarty continues to prepare for all-out total war with the illuminati
through sonic mind altering and anarchic riot inducing noise. Battle plans
are currently being drawn up to continue where the last musical assault on
the fascistic global elite left off (Conspiritus Earache rec. 2005)

Warning: Watching this video "can lead to paralysis of your gullibility in
the mass media machine"


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