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Severe Torture report from tour

Severe Torture currently on tour with Vader and God Dethroned have been
keeping a diary whilst out on the road.

Here's the SEVERE TORTURE tour report so far:

"The tour started out on the 28th of september in Berlin(DE). After hooking
up with Vader, God Dethroned and crew we picked our bunks in the
nightliner. This bus was going to be our home for 6 weeks and as far as our
experience goes, this was the best and biggest bus we ever had! The first
show was better than we expected. Turnout was good for a Thursday (200+)
and people seemed to like us. It definitely was a perfect start of the

The second day we went to Jena(DE). The venue was great and we spent the
afternoon with some sightseeing in the center of the city. Turnout was good
again and the audience was wicked as well. The beer tasted very good and
both God Dethroned and Vader gave good shows as well.

Next on the list was Giebelstadt(DE). We definitely want to give a huge
shoutout to the people there who organized the Bringer of Death-fest for
the wonderful evening. More or less than 500 people showed up and gave us a
warm welcome!

In Hannover(DE) we hooked up with some of our friends from Dew-Scented at
the bar after the steaming hot show we did over there. It must have been
about 40 degees Celsius on the stage that night! Getting in the ' Tourmode'
took a couple of days but now everything is the way it's supposed to be.
The turnout so far has been great and the fans have been really kicking ass
at all of the shows we've done so far.

The 5th show was in Mons(BE) and it's always good to play in Belgium! We
played a tight show with a lot of crazy fans and after the show it was
partytime with Jupiler, Chimay and belgian weed!

Yesterday we played the 'Nouveau Casino' club in Paris(FR). The club was
packed with crazy metalheads who were out for blood and it was amazing! We
had to shorten our setlist cause we arrived late at the club due some
nightliner problems but that didn't stop us from giving a brutal show! The
fans were great and after the show we hooked up with our friends in Aborted
and we enjoyed Paris at night a little bit.

Today (04.10.06) we are playing Nancy(FR) in a club called Azimut 854. The
club provides us with enough showers, a fitnessroom and enough backstage
space and that's very much appreciated after yesterdays club. The show is
sold out and our French fans are going crazy again! We love France!

Next is Lausanne(CH), big venue, good catering and a huge stage. The show
went ok but some of us are feeling a little bit sick and with 20 people in
one bus that isn't very comfortable. Dennis did a small DJ set after the
show before the long trip we have ahead (900KM) towards Rennes (FR).

It had been four years since we last played Rennes (FR) and we had some
good memories playing Antipode. So it was good to see nothing had changed
and the crowd was sick as ever that night! Afterwards we had a cool parking
lot party untill early in the morning with some die-hard metalheads. Rennes
already proved to be a highlight on this tour.

In total contrast to the Rennes show, the show in Le Havre (FR) had to be
cancelled because of obvious reasons. The venue was a discotheque which was
totally unfit for concert shows. No PA, no lights, no backstage...NOTHING!
So we had to do what anyone else would hard! We took the
nightliner to the nearby city of Caen and treated ourselves to some
welldeserved R & R.

The tour continued on to Limoges(FR) (where Sardonic left the tour) and
after that, Irun, where we last played four years ago on the Cannibal
Corpse tour. So with the weather getting better we headed out to Vigo where
we played The Iguana Club. This somewhat strange venue proved to be a
setting for a very nice evening with a good audience and a killer

The next show in Porto (P) was another highlight on this trek. The Hard
Club must probably be one of the most beautiful clubs around with a
breathtaking view over Porto. Luckily we got the chance to check out the
beautiful city and all that it has to offer. To top it off, we played to an
incredible crowd that night and it was a special experience for us as well
as for Vader and God Dethroned.

From Porto we went on back to Spain for the rest of the week with the first
stop being Sevilla where spanish gorelords Avulsed were added to the bill
for a one off stint. Again, the spanish crowd showed that they must be the
craziest motherfuckers on the planet. The venue was packed with a 450+
capacity. From Sevilla it was on towards Murcia on friday the 13th, and
Madrid and Barcelona for the weekend.

The Madrid show was sold out and again the venue was packed with deathmetal
fanatics and we, together with Vader and God Dethroned gave them a run for
their money. Due to the routine in our set we created space to add one more
song to our set, this being the song "Impelled to Kill" from our sophomore
release " Misanthrophic Carnage". Bashed, beaten and battered, the crowd
left the venue at the end of the evening as we set sails towards the next
show in Barcelona.

We arrived a couple hours too early at Mephisto club so we had some time to
go to the beach and relax a bit. The show went very well and after that we
took a hotel to sleap in a normal bed and take some good showers. Next day
we had the day off in Barcelona and we took the oppertunity to do some
tourist stuff and enjoy this city a bit."

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Catch Severe Torture with Vader on these dates:

Oct 20 2006 Bassano Del Grappa La Gabbia
Oct 21 2006 Anomalia Prato
Oct 22 2006 EndorphiN Club Althofen
Oct 23 2006 Rockhaus Salzburg
Oct 24 2006 Planet Music Vienna
Oct 25 2006 The Kantine Augsburg
Oct 26 2006 Abart Music Zurich
Oct 27 2006 Exhaus
Oct 28 2006 Bolwerk Sneek
Oct 29 2006 Biebob Vosselaar
Oct 30 2006 Bierkeller Bristol
Oct 31 2006 Rio Bradford
Nov 1 2006 Soundhaus Glasgow
Nov 2 2006 Temple Bar Music Centre Dublin
Nov 3 2006 Camden Underworld London
Nov 4 2006 Concorde 2 Brighton
Nov 6 2006 Turock Essen
Nov 7 2006 Patronaat Haarlem
Nov 8 2006 Schlachthof Bremen
Nov 9 2006 Effenaar Eindhoven

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