Friday, March 02, 2007

Earache records sign THRASH band SSS!

Earache have signed Liverpool THRASH band  SSS a.k.a. Short Sharp Shock

Liverpool's SSS play Thrash in the original sense of the word. They play thrash metal, and they play it well. A bastard spawn of S.O.D + “Kill Em All” era Metallica laced with enough power, riffs and licks to sink a battleship + can only mean one thing.....mayhem!

>From a recent interview with Stolen Youth fanzine:
Stolen Youth: What's the best part of being in a thrash band?
FOXY: The music, it breaks down barriers of all kinds. Don't know why or how, what with today's musical tastes of glitz and glam and watered down crap. Maybe thrash is such an old dinosaur that people have forgotten it and now its new once more. It takes people by surprise when we play. Get 'em all up front , make 'em laugh, reel them in...then let rip with the truth and dish the dirt.

>From an initial 6 song demo in May 2005, SSS toured the UK in Oct 05 with fellow Scouse bands WALK the PLANK and DOWN & OUTs. Live, Broomo is unleashed on guitar, Dave lets rip on drums with Magill possessed on bass, all fronted with an enormous ‘fuck you’ attitude, led by  Foxy- the most obnoxious frontman in the UK. Daily carnage ensued on the "Our Day Out" tour and later extensive Euro tour (Oct 06).

SSS  followed up their demo with a 7” wax offering, featuring 4 brand new songs
-CDC, Bath Night, Thrash with a small Moustache & Black Night White Light (the latter  an ode to the fallen Thrash titan, Cliff Burton)

The close of 2006 saw the release of Short Sharp Shock- the debut 16 track CD & 12” wax, limited to 1000 copies on Dead & Gone – the bands crossover-thrashin / double kickin' / body slammin' / fist bangin’ mania went down a storm immediately with fans and critics alike.

In Feb 2007 the band inked with Earache Records..Plans for 2007 include re- issuing the SSS debut, with bonus material....stand by for more THRASH! More mayhem!....and  plenty of shows in your shitty town soon!!!!!!

....stay tuned for the Mersey Thrashers next move!!

Check out:

See SSS play:
Mar 14 2007 with MAKE BELIEVE LIVERPOOL - zanzibar
Mar 18 2007 NOTTINGHAM alldayer NOTTINGHAM-old angel
Mar 23 2007 with GANG GREEN NEWPORT - le pub
Mar 30 2007 SSS/Brain Dead/Bow+Arrow/Lost Cause/Hammer Attack LIVERPOOL - the pilgrim
April 14 2007 BRIGHTON alldayer BRIGHTON-the engine room
June 14 2007  with NAPALM DEATH LIVERPOOL-the barfly


L-> R  Foxy/ Vocals  Magill/Bass   Dave/Drums  Broomo/Guitar

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