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URKRAFT check in from the Cannibal Corpse tour

URKRAFT check in from the Cannibal Corpse tour

Thomas from Danish Thrashers Urkraft has recently checked in from the road as the band head across Europe on an 18 date Metal assault with legendary Deathsters Cannibal Corpse and Dutch brutalisers Disavowed.
You can catch Urkraft on the following dates:

Saturday 03-03 Greece Ann Club, Athens
Sunday 04-03 Greece Hydrogios, Thessaloniki
Monday 05-03 Bulgaria Sredec Hall, Sofia
Tuesday 06-03 Romania Studio martin, Bucharest
Wednesday 07-03 Serbia SKC, Beograd
Thursday 08-03 Slovenia Media Park, Lubljana
Friday 09-03 Hungary A 38, Budapest
Saturday 10-03 Germany Backstage, Munchen
Sunday 11-03 Czech Rep. Abaton, Praha
Monday 12-03 Poland Loch Ness, Cracow

Follow the link-    to the bands website where you can check the latest on long drives, crazy fans, beer drinking and general metal madness – see below:

The Urkraft Tour Diary
February 27th
Updating ya´ll from the road...

Finally some network... This seems to be a total foreign word on most venues...Well, here we go...

Day 2 - 23.02.07
We drove all morning to get to Irun and most of the day too… The venue “Tunk” was a lot smaller than the night before and reminded more of a café, but when the show started it was packed and very intense. And hot as hell!
All bands shared backstage – which was kind of an experience in itself. It was so dusty that you had to be careful to sit down slowly in the couch to avoid the air turning grey. After a few hours your throat and eyes were itchy and red… On top of that the toilet was placed in the other end of the venue – through the crowd and the entrance… So we were closed off and if you had to go – that was it. No going back before after the show was over. Really not good when you are hammering beers and booze!

After CC´s show we packed up and just wanted to get out of the city to lay some freeway behind us. The best drive is at night… We got the whole road to ourselves, but you need to put back a lot of miles before your eyes start to get itchy and you see pink elephants waving their ears in the side of the road! Important to be sure we make the get-in the day after. So far – no problem. Everybody packed their gear in no time and we were ready to go within minutes, except our sound engineer Daniel was missing. Mikael found him in the bar – wasted and spitting God knows what kind of words in some girl’s ear. When we finally got him on the bus – me shouting and flipping out – he was angry and yelling because the girl he had been talking to for several hours, just told him that her boyfriend was standing right behind them and that she had a 12 year old son… Hahaha… What was he counting on anyway???
Anyway – great gig, lots of people and thanx to Daniel for a great sound. This night Eg had to play the keyboard from the sound-pit up on the balcony up over across the stage. So he is the only one who have actually both seen and played an Urkraft show at the same time!

Our bus is starting to smell a little used…


Day 3 - 24.02.07
This was a fucking long drive – 1000 k’s and no sleep for the designated drivers….buh huu! However Spain is a nice one to drive through and we still enjoy burning diesel and rubber…! Entering Portugal where baking sun burns the naked rocks makes you wonder why our Viking forefathers didn’t flee the cold north centuries ago… We enjoy it!! Copenhagen is still snowy and cold as… well, not hell, but… Hell compared to these sunny areas.
The venue - sorry, can’t remember the name of it – was really cool! One huge room with the biggest stage so far! When we got on stage after “Disavowed” the venue was crowded and really hot and boiling. We kicked it off for only half an hour – we spend too much time shifting around – but the Portuguese people sure can dance!! We gave it everything we possible had in us and with both a top floor and a lower stage part measuring 8-10 meters, we got the chance to stretch our legs! And the sound in this venue was ripping people’s ears off… when CC came on stage especially. A few beers later and some talks, we got back on the road… Thank you Redbull and Gevalia.

Day 4 - 25.02.07
Madrid!!! The venue – Sala Heineken - our GPS didn’t want to cooperate, so we had to be creative – is placed at a location without any possible parking. Sucks! CC could leave their trailer, but had to move the nightliner and we started out by making our own parking lot right next to the back entrance of the venue! Right on the top end of a roundabout… This worked fine for a few hours, but this parking officer started yelling in Spanish – something about policia and waiving his mobile phone… There was no way he would ever understand that we just needed to unload the van and actually was too tired to even start a discussion with him. It got really exiting when Disavowed drove right in behind us – towards the outgoing traffic.. Hahaha… Laugh of the day! Finally we agreed to move the vans and found a parking house under the street as near to the venue as possible. Disavowed went straight down – the sign said 3.50 – but that was only the way to the parking spaces. Inside there were only room for normal cars. Sucks! Again! And then everything went wrong. We had to turn the vans around – and I don’t know what went wrong. The other guys got stuck with their van between a concrete wall and a pile. I must admit that Birk and I couldn’t stop laughing after a few minutes. It looked really cartoonish even though I know it’s not funny, but mostly because I took the same trip without any problems at all right after.

Day 5 - 26.02.07
Once again a 650 km drive and siesta before the next gig – this time in Barcelona, the city with east pointing beaches and erected palm trees saluting us after the long drive through Spanish desert. People appear to take it easy down here and still there’s a fucked up traffic situation that makes hands sweaty and hearts pounding….damn! We arrived hours earlier than the get in and had plenty of time to act like tourists…yelling in the streets, eating French fries and taking pictures of the quite impressing city architecture and each other acting stupid. Places seen: the beach, the burger bar, the giant dildo building, some bars, toilets without seats (French people don’t like getting too comfortable!!!) and hot chicks….sound guy Daniel is getting crazy with all the girls and starts to point his compass in almost every direction….still he didn’t catch anything but a damn headache! The venue Mephisto is pretty small and the stage lacked nothing but space…haha! We had some sound tech problems when taking over the
crowd after Disavowed and had to cut a few tracks out of the set – but what the hell, we still kicked ass and the 400 dedicated listeners did the same…they don’t give a fuck if its a Monday night and still 4 days of tiring work waiting ahead! Any recommendations!?...well, invite your mates, girlfriend or whatever you prefer to Spain where beers come in huge bottles, coffee needs to be cut with a knife, steaks are cheap and squid will give a delicious memory of the Spanish cousin….hahaha (drummer Mikael would definitely have preferred fries and bloody meat!). Thomas had his amount of alchohol – which obviously is not much - hammered for a few hours, went out like a light and jumped out the bus in panic the next morning around 5 – ended up emptying his stomach right outside the bus… I woke him up at 8 and handed him the car keys.. You turn sucker… Next stop France……!!

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