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MORTIIS - advance tracks from 'Some Kind of Heroin' available

MORTIIS - advance tracks from 'Some Kind of Heroin' available

Mortiis has made a selection of advance tracks from the upcoming remix album
'Some Kind of Heroin' available via the band's dedicated Myspace page

The album, which features tracks from 'The Grudge' reconstructed by a number
of artists including The Kovenant, PIG, Funker Vogt, In The Nursery, Girls
Under Glass and more, will see a European release on April 16.

Commenting on the remixed material, Mortiis described the thought process
behind 'Some Kind of Heroin':

"I had remixed several of these artists for their releases earlier so it
was really only a matter of bringing out the baseball bat and start
yelling "payback time!" - others I would contact direct and work out
Deals with. This album mostly came together through mutual contacts, sending
Outemails or calling up and asking if they wanted to be part of it. Bands
like Girls Under Glass and Gothminister I had met and am friends with
So we knew that would work out great."

The streaming advance tracks provide a sense of the diversity the album
offers, and give fans a chance to check out other artists take on the
Mortiis sound long before the album goes on sale.

Mortiis is on tour with Deathstars around Europe in April.


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