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Frantik Magazine Online recently had the opportunity to speak with BIOMECHANICAL mastermind, John K about the making of CANNIBALISED, his views on illegal downloading and much more.

John K on the making of CANNIBALISED:
"It took 14 months from the day I started writing it to the day it was mixed and mastered. But even after that I had to produce the orchestral music from the songs as bonus tracks. The recording process with me as a producer is very meticulous. I don’t like leaving anything to chance and every element should be recorded as best as possible. So yeah man, it was tough. Add to that, that I had to produce the drums as drummer Matt C didn’t record on this album and you can imagine the volume of work. But it was worth it though. Thankfully with the help of producer Chris Tsangarides we managed to finish the album and create a disc that I am very proud of"

John K on illegal downloading:
"Millions of users downloading music for free? It can’t be a good thing for the industry. I understand that Metal is about the community and the good times and about playing music and not about the money but thing is. A lot of small labels who support some awesome bands will close. Real soon. And then there won’t be any releases. It’s a chain reaction. The bands need the record labels to get their shit out and the record labels need the bands to pay their staff. So yeah it kills the industry. On the other hand there are a lot of descent people out there who after downloading a CD go and buy it so it’s not straight forward."

Read all this and more in Frantik Magazine Online's interview with BIOMECHANICAL's John K at

BIOMECHANICAL's new album, CANNIBALISED was picked as one of's top 5 metal cd's of February 2008. calls CANNIBALISED " extreme metal tour de force, both pulverizing and mesmerizing." To see the full list, go to

BIOMECHANICAL - CANNIBALISED is available NOW from the EARACHE U.S. Webstore:, ( and other music retailers.

Get more insight on BIOMECHANICAL and their new album, CANNIBALISED as our very own Talita Jenman interviews the band from EARACHE U.K.'s xmas party. Watch it here:

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