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EARACHE Records, innovators of 'extreme' for over 20 years is pleased to announce its participation with Massachusetts video game developers, HARMONIX to provide exclusive downloadable content for ROCK BAND, the 'extremely innovative' million-plus selling title for the Playstation 2 & 3 and Xbox 360.

Tomorrow, March 18, EARACHE Records will debut the ROCK BAND "Thrash Pack," one of many exclusive downloadable content packs to come from the label. Consisting of 3 of the fastest and hardest-hitting tracks from EARACHE's past and present, the "Thrash Pack" is perfect for ROCK BAND players eager for the challenge of what many consider to be the game's 3 toughest tracks, players who are looking to add more metal to their ROCK BAND experience and/or ROCK BAND completists.

EARACHE's exclusive ROCK BAND "Thrash Pack" download consists of:

AT THE GATES - "Blinded By Fear" (from 1996's SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL)*
EVILE - "Thrasher" (from 2007's ENTER THE GRAVE)*
THE HAUNTED - "D.O.A." (from 2003's ONE KILL WONDER)*

*Also available for individual download.

With an already giant reputation thanks to smash hits like GUITAR HERO I & II and KARAOKE REVOLUTION, HARMONIX took the popular formula of their GUITAR HERO franchise and upped the ante with more instruments, an increased focus on multiplayer interaction and a revolutionary downloadable content platform strategy. Seemingly an experiment in fusing music, new media and personal interaction, this combination proved highly successful as ROCK BAND's combined console sales would total over 1.1 million copies as of January 2007. HARMONIX's promise to create a new music distribution platform through weekly downloadable content packs (and eventually entire album downloads) has given the game a life of its own, as well, having sold over 2.5 million downloadable songs thus far and counting.

EARACHE Records is proud to work with HARMONIX to bring music onto an already increasingly important platform for content delivery. Starting with tomorrow's "Thrash Pack," ROCK BAND is a large portion of the many inventive ways in which EARACHE's extreme vision can be delivered deep into the future.

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