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DEICIDE's latest demonic masterpiece, TILL DEATH DO US PART is now available for pre-order on the EARACHE U.S. Webstore. Smashingly barbaric and razor sharp, this album takes everything you loved about THE STENCH OF REDEMPTION and turns it up to levels only Satan could match. Between Glen Benton's terrifying vocals and Steve Asheim's non-stop blast mania, DEICIDE only becomes more crushing where most bands start to mellow out.

By pre-ordering TILL DEATH DO US PART from the EARACHE U.S. Webstore, you have the opportunity to score some exclusive merchandise from several limited edition packages. In addition to ordering TILL DEATH DO US PART on its own, you can also get the album with a DEICIDE wristband or a "Glen Benton For President" patch. You can also choose the Webstore exclusive ULTRA LIMITED EDITION version with all items included in one package.

To pre-order your copy of TILL DEATH DO US PART, go to

Fans, foes and the curious alike have all converged onto DEICIDE's MySpace page feverishly for the last 2 weeks for an opportunity to listen to a special preview of a brand new track from their forthcoming album, TILL DEATH DO US PART. The excerpt of "In The Eyes of God" has earned itself over 42,000 plays since it was posted onto the profile.

While it's only a matter of time until a full new track is posted, this excerpt should be enough to tide over even Satan himself until TILL DEATH DO US PART is released on April 28 in Europe and May 13 in the U.S.

To bide the time, go to and keep playing the brand new track, "In The Eyes of God" as many times as it takes for it to reach a number of 666,666,666 and beyond.

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