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Chad Bowar from's Metal pages recently had the opportunity to speak with BIOMECHANICAL mastermind, John K about the hardships that come from being a metal musician, wanting to represent your art on your terms and what exactly makes a man like him tick.

John K on the arguments that led to the disintegration of the previous band lineup during the making of CANNIBALISED:

" was suggested that the band should go and play without a singer, something I knew wasn’t professional unless you have the right amount of instrumental tracks. As soon as I told them how I felt, things got really heavy. They decided to vote out and play without a singer. I broke after that. I basically had to let them know that they either respect the fact that I put something like 95% of work for this band and allow me to make an executive decision once in a while (especially when it comes down to my health). If they couldn’t respect that then good luck to them. They made up their minds about three weeks after that and left BIOMECHANICAL."

John K on guesting on Bruce Dickinson's BBC radio show:

"It was incredible. I am a huge MAIDEN fan. I never had the chance to meet any of them and meeting Bruce was awesome. I went there with our guitarist Chris Van Hayden. Bruce was really cool with the band and he told me about his son and how he is a BIOMECHANICAL fan. That was just surreal for me, dude. Here is the guy I grew up with, listening to his music, knowing about my band! That was just awesome. We went on to do the interview and halfway through Bruce said to Chris, ‘So, Chris...I hear you are…were…a pilot?’ and I was like ‘Oh crap!’ They couldn’t stop talking about damn airplanes, dude. It was hilarious. I was pretending to understand."

John K on the concept behind CANNIBALISED:

"This album is talking about the human spiritual death and the decline of the human society. It’s dealing with the issue of spiritual atrophy. As technology gets more advanced, the spirit gets more saturated with information, making any attempt to think impossible. Drowned in mundane things we’ve been turned away from the true state of our world and almost fed ignorance. And this can only lead to spiritual atrophy."

Read all this and more in's interview with BIOMECHANICAL's John K at

BIOMECHANICAL's new album, CANNIBALISED was also picked as one of's top 5 metal cd's of February 2008. calls CANNIBALISED " extreme metal tour de force, both pulverizing and mesmerizing." To see the full list, go to

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Get more insight on BIOMECHANICAL and their new album, CANNIBALISED as our very own Talita Jenman interviews the band from EARACHE U.K.'s xmas party. Watch it here:

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