Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Biomechanical redux out now with PAINKILLER plus report from EXODUS tour

Biomechanical Empires of the worlds special edition is OUT NOW

The re-release of awesome British band Biomechanical debut album with
Earache is out now in a Limited edition redux including a cover of

The cover of the legendary ‘Painkiller’ was recorded over three days with
the track’s original producer Tsangarides, at his own studio in Dover, UK.
Singer John K from Biomechanical recently spoke about his appreciation of
the track, which has featured as a highlight of the band's set for some
time, stating: “When the song was first introduced to the scene in 1990 it
blew everything out of the water, it was an instant classic and sure
withstood the test of time. We’re really glad to be able to do homage to
the original”.

You can take a look at a pic of the band with Chris Tsangardies in the
studio here

‘Painkiller’ is released now by Earache on a limited edition re-dux of
Biomechanical’s second album ‘The Empires Of The Worlds’, which also
includes 3 bonus Quicktime Videos including behind the scenes footage of
the band in the studio and on location filming their promo clip last year.

Here is the latest update from Jon K of Biomechanical from the road with

"Hey dudes, I’m here with all the guys

So far it’s been awesome fun and there are a few stories to tell already...
The venues have been awesome and the same goes for the guys who came to the
There was an incident in Bradford, basically Chris and Jamie were nearly
killed by two cars!! This is what Jamie told me:

“After the Bradford Rio’s show Chris & I were chatting to the fans outside,
then decided to head of to the Kebab shop! As we walked around the corner
we heard an almighty BANG, like a gunshot. As we turned around we saw two
cars spinning through the air in slow motion. They hit the wall & both
landed upside down RIGHT BEHIND US!! SHIT MY PANTS OH YES!!!! If we were a
few seconds later we would have been crushed by the cars.
A billion police cars, fire engines, ambulances etc turned up to cut the
people from the cars. On a good note, the Kebabs were awesome!”

The Dublin was totally awesome in so many levels. The fans were going
mental so much so the security guys threw out a dude who was going crazy,
didn’t like that shit but you can’t argue with the security guys.

This is what Matt said:

“Our ferry crossing to Dublin was surreal to say the least. Stena line can
now boast with confidence that it bore witness to the most metal crossing
With the ‘Unholy Alliance’ tour in Dublin the night after our show, the
ferry was littered with members of various bands slumped over tables with
beers, wandering around gift shops and devouring Burger king
for breakfast. In another surprise, it was great to find out that so many
of the guys from Lamb of God, In Flames and Slayer turned up to the show
and stuck around afterwards to drink with us. Proving that as well as
awesome musicians, they are also very cool guys….”

Shortly after Matt used a broken hand-dryer and electrocuted himself!!…in
all fairness he was very drunk.
He is OK thought, no worries : -)

The guys from Exodus have been amazing. Really cool with the band and have
been ripping the shit out of the clubs we’ve been playing with awesome
performances every single night!! Real privilege touring with those guys
and also to meet Nick Barker (Cradle of Filth, Testament, Dimmu Borgir) who
helps out with touring stuff .

Keep an eye for photos we will post soon,

See ya on the road"

Catch Biomechanical with Exodus here:
14-Nov-06 Tuesday Germany Bochum Matrix
15-Nov-06 Wednesday Germany schweinfurt Stattbahnhof
16-Nov-06 Thursday Germany Berlin Kato
17-Nov-06 Friday Germany Saarbrucken Roxy
19-Nov-06 Sunday Norway Olso John Dee
20-Nov-06 Monday Sweden Gothenburg Sticky Fingers
22-Nov-06 Wednesday finland Oulu Teatria
23-Nov-06 Thursday finland Helsinki Tavastia
25-Nov-06 Saturday Poland Poznan Eskalup
26-Nov-06 Sunday Czech Rep Brno Faval club
27-Nov-06 Monday Austria Wien Arena
28-Nov-06 Tuesday Hungary Budapest Wigwam
29-Nov-06 Wednesday Serbia Belgrade SKC
30-Nov-06 Thursday Italy Padova Sottosopra
1-Dec-06 Friday Italy Siena Sonar Club
2-Dec-06 Saturday Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia
3-Dec-06 Sunday Italy Naples Duel Beat
4-Dec-06 Monday Switzerland Wil Remise
5-Dec-06 - Le Korrigan - Marseille, France
7-Dec-06 Thursday Spain Villareal Salatal
8-Dec-06 Friday Spain Bilbao Santana
9-Dec-06 Saturday Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas
10-Dec-06 Sunday Spain Barcelona Apollo 2


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