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MUNICIPAL WASTE plan for 2007 tour with DESTRUCTION and candid interview now posted on

MUNICIPAL WASTE plan for 2007 tour with DESTRUCTION and candid
interview now posted on

Thrash is back and thanks to MUNICIPAL WASTE, thrash is currently
undergoing a rampant revival! MUNICIPAL WASTE are currently in the
fray of touring with legendary GWAR and THE RED CHORD and have been
received throughout North America with astounding praise, winning
over audiences one city at a time! MUNICIPAL WASTE are tentatively
slated to join thrash masters, DESTRUCTION and SADUS on a 2007
supporting tour while continuing to write material for their second
Earache release. DESTRUCTION tour dates and venues will be announced
shortly – check the TOUR section for updated
details! A reissue of “Hazardous Mutation,” complete with
bonus DVD of live footage, is slated for a January release in the US.
On a recent tour date in Canada, MUNICIPAL WASTE sat down with David
Perri of to talk about touring, “Hazardous
Mutation,” and much more! The interview is as follows:
Check out the original interview at: <http://>MUNICIPAL WASTE
INTERVIEW &ndash; by David Perri

DigitalMetal: Hazardous Mutation received a lot of positive response
from both critics and fans alike. What are your thoughts on all the
Tony Foresta: We&rsquo;re stoked, man. It&rsquo;s a good thing. We
worked our asses off on that record. How many years was it between
Waste &lsquo;Em All and Hazardous Mutation?
Ryan Waste: Two years, at least.
TF: Yeah, like two or three years.
RW: Well, that&rsquo;s with line-up changes and everything. The
record went really fast with the new line-up, when we got Dave and
Land Phil (bass) things went really quickly. When they joined the
band, we blazed it out and the intensity was there. It came together
really well and the energy was there so it happened fast.
TF: The response has been really good. This line-up is still really
fresh to us and we&rsquo;re ready for the next record. We think the
next record is going to be even better. We&rsquo;re such a tight unit
RW: We can just start putting &lsquo;em out now.
Dave Witte: We&rsquo;re working really hard on new material and
it&rsquo;s funny because this March or April coming up it&rsquo;ll be
two years that we recorded Hazardous Mutation. We&rsquo;ve been on
tour since so it&rsquo;s gone by really fast.
TF: We&rsquo;ve been touring our asses off.
RW: Hazardous Mutation isn&rsquo;t even new to us at this point;
it&rsquo;s a year old. But it&rsquo;s still fresh to a lot of people
and a lot of people are still finding out about it, so were excited.

DigitalMetal: The song-writing is top notch, do you guys end up
discarding a lot of riffs?
RW: It used to be that I was alone writing songs on Waste &lsquo;Em
All. It was pretty much there&rsquo;s the riffs, and then we wrote
the songs. This time me and Phil got together and had time to bounce
riffs off each other and then we presented them to Tony and Dave. And
then we pieced them together with Dave with all the transitions.
Sometimes we had a concept for our lyrics that we had been sitting on
for a while and then Tony would write some lyrics on his wrist.
TF: Yeah, I write lyrics on my wrist! (laughs) That&rsquo;s probably
one of the hardest things about writing the fucking songs, what
we&rsquo;re going to write about. I know it seems like our songs are
stupid and simple, but we&rsquo;ve got concept songs, man! (laughs)
RW: We&rsquo;re like that dude who really puts a lot of time into his
essay to make it the best shit. (laughs)
TF: But it is the best shit! It is! (laughs) I&rsquo;m the lyrical
miracle. Print that, I&rsquo;m the lyrical miracle!

DigitalMetal: So when&rsquo;s the concept album? When&rsquo;s the
Operation: Mindcrime?
TF: Soon! Wasted Space is coming at you in 20 009. Yeah, not 2009, 20
RW: That&rsquo;s like, very far away. Like, we&rsquo;ll have lasers.
DW: We&rsquo;re going to record in no gravity, and have those lasers.
TF: We&rsquo;re going to take Virgin Spacecrafts Airline and record
that shit in space.

DigitalMetal: You guys get called crossover all the time which,
really, describes the band best. How do you feel when you&rsquo;re
called &lsquo;80s crossover?
RW: That&rsquo;s cool. It mixes our two favorite genres, metal and
hardcore, so it&rsquo;s cool. But it&rsquo;s not metalcore. The shit
they call metalcore is not metal and hardcore, it&rsquo;s just whack.
(laughs) And that&rsquo;s all I have to say about that. We&rsquo;ve
got the speed of hardcore and the metal riffing.

DigitalMetal: It&rsquo;s like you guys are thrash meets Minor Threat.
TF: Yeah, damn right. I love hardcore. And I love fucking metal.
RW: I like the aggression of hardcore and the tightness of metal, but
without drawing out the metal and making them stupid long songs. With
us, it&rsquo;s just get in there, beat your ass, and get out.

DigitalMetal: Furthering the Minor Threat connection is your track
&ldquo;Guilty Of Being Tight&rdquo;, a play on Minor Threat&rsquo;s
&ldquo;Guilty Of Being White&rdquo;.
DW: That song, we recorded it and we were like, &ldquo;Yeah,
it&rsquo;s good&rdquo; and we didn&rsquo;t even listen back to it. It
was one take, just one take.

DigitalMetal: The majority of the tracks on Hazardous Mutation are
fast. Fast tracks are awesome. Are faster songs what you guys prefer,
RW: Everyone loves the fast tracks.
TF: Dude, we just have short attention spans!
RW: Playing fast is the most aggressive way to express yourself.
DW: It gets the blood flowing, it gets the blood pumping.
TF: When I do power-squats at the gym, I listen to our music. Man,
those power-squats are awesome! Like crisp lettuce. Crisp. Lettuce.
Crisp lettuce, that&rsquo;s an inside joke. And, dude, we will
steam-roll you with inside jokes &lsquo;cos, like I said, we&rsquo;ve
got short attention spans! (laughs)

DigitalMetal: The tracks also have big hooks. Are big choruses
important to you guys?
RW: I like big hooks. And man, I like music you can fuckin&rsquo;
rock out to. Fist pumping level is at slow as it gets. Never slow,
all go.
DW: I like all music. I love a record you can come back to a year or
two years later and still fucking get the same thing from it. And
with the hooks and catchiness you mentioned, you can do that.

DigitalMetal: So many bands these days are playing &lsquo;80s thrash
in an ironic way. What are your thoughts on this trend?
RW: You can call us throwback and all that. I think we&rsquo;ve taken
it and done our own things with it, if I can be so bold. I think other
bands are copying us. We want to write music that you can put on with
the older bands that we grew up with. And there&rsquo;s tons of
Canadian stuff: Razor, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Annihilator, Voivod... I
met (ex-Voivod bass player) Blacky tonight, man. He was at the show
and he was a really nice guy. There are tons of Canadian bands that
are an influence.
TF: And Rush! Don&rsquo;t forget Rush.
RW: We do love Rush.
DW: They can call us whatever. I grew up with this music and
I&rsquo;ve always wanted to play it and I could never find people who
wanted to play this style. Then I just happened to move to Richmond
(Virginia) and these guys said, &ldquo;What&rsquo;s up?&rdquo; so we
TF: We&rsquo;re not ironic, but we&rsquo;re also not serious.
We&rsquo;re not going up there trying to teach a lesson or something.
We&rsquo;re just having fun.
RW: Believe it or not, we&rsquo;re not the most serious people in the
world. (laughs)
DW: I&rsquo;ve played in a lot of bands, and this is the most fun
I&rsquo;ve ever had in a band. Municipal Waste Fan Who Drove 12 Hours
From New Brunswick To Montreal To See The Band (aka Random Dude): This
sound is empowering. It&rsquo;s empowerment.
TF: Empowerment!

DigitalMetal: What are the goals with the band? What do you guys want
to accomplish?
RW: We want to go to Japan. It should be happening soon, hopefully.
We want to go to every fucking land in the world.
TF: We want to write the best record possible.
RW: The next record is going to bust our ass.
TF: Everyone in the band has a set focus on writing a great new
record. We&rsquo;re going to do this tour and then we&rsquo;re going
to tour with Destruction and Sadus and then we&rsquo;re going to
fucking write the best record.
RW: We&rsquo;re going to out-do ourselves. And we&rsquo;re not going
to over-compensate with speed, either. It&rsquo;s just going to be in
your face on every level and more intense.
DW: It&rsquo;s going to be a progression. And it&rsquo;s going to be
a personal challenge for each one of us.
TF: We&rsquo;re going to have everything on it. Rap, jazz, all kinds
of shit.

DigitalMetal: So it&rsquo;s going to be DJ Municipal Waste, no doubt.
TF: Yeah man, we&rsquo;re going to write chill-out music.

DigitalMetal: Is the next record going to come out on Earache?
TF: Oh yeah. We got shit-faced with Digby, the guy who owns the label
and we told him the new record was going to be slow, with no solos and
we totally convinced Digby we were going to do a funk record. It was
hilarious. And, man, I am going to rap about Earache on the new

DigitalMetal: Let&rsquo;s hear it. Free-style it.
TF: Ok, it goes like this&hellip;

(Author&rsquo;s Note: Tony totally free-styles it and makes everyone
laugh with his dope rhymes. Unfortunately, the batteries in the tape
recorder die out and the rest of this gem of an interview is lost
forever. Fuckin&rsquo; batteries. But long live the Waste!)

Check out the original interview at:
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