Friday, November 03, 2006

Ephel Duath's drummer talks sheet music on youtube and Ephel Duath report on the Imploding tour PLUS interview on Totalrock tomorrow!

Italian Jazz-metallers Ephel Duath are now back home in Italy after their
European tour.

"We've just returned home after seventeen hours travelling from Bruxelles
to Padua." Davide Ephel Duath's guitarist reports "The first part of the
Ephel Duath's Imploding Euro Tour is finished and it's time to reflect.
We have been lucky with nine UK dates and extremely good support
band, the math-corers Tangaroa. The tour crew has became a
sort of enlarged family, and we have to thanks these five crazy Tangaroa
guys for some of the funniest moments of the whole tour. Our favourite
shows were at London Underworld, the Bournemouth's Gander and supporting
Red Sparowes @ Southampton's Nexus.
Before leaving the Uk we have did a last minute show at the University of
Luton with our label mates Biomechanical. That was one hell of a crazy
crowd! Yeh!
Then we were off to France and Belgium playing in two very different
venues. The Batofar in Paris - an old red boat in the river Seine, and
Magasen 4 in Brussels a sort of small musical factory in the centre of the
Probably the best two shows of the whole tour for the band's performance,
but go to Paris was the strangest and funniest show of the Ephel Duath's
Imploding tour.
We want to thank all the people who came out to see us on the tour, we feel
a growing support for Ephel Duath and this pushes us to do the best at
Up the Ephels!
Lucio, Fabio, Sergio and Davide."

Ephel Duath's new drummer Sergio talks about playing live from Sheet music
on a
short You tube clip
Now Ephel Duath are back home they are ready to continue work on their next
For more information on Ephel Duath and what they are currently up to tune
in tomorrow to hear the band
interviewed by the legendary Malcolm Dome on
"Sat 4th Nov 18:00 - 21:00
Doom & Co
Experimental, extreme jazz metallers, Ephel Duath, chat about their genius
new release "Pain Necessary To Know"


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