Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blood red throne start work on new album

Norwegian death metallers Blood Red Throne have been working in Jailhouse
studio for the last 2 days on a pre production for the new album due out on
Earache early 2007.
70% of the material is written and the band started pre production to test
both the studio and the two new members, Anders Haave (drums) and Vald
4 songs have been recorded so far and the band is extremely pleased with
both the material and the sound.
"This time, we aim for a more classic Death Metal sound, ala Gorguts
"Considered Dead" / Suffocation "Despise the Sun" kind of sound. We have
grown tired with the over-produced and fully triggered drum kits that so
many bands use today, besides we have taken a slightly new direction with
our music and the analog and dynamic sound fits the music better. We have
also chosen a different approach to the recording process of the
instruments. We are very pleased with the outcome of the 4 songs and cant
wait till the actual album recording starts, hopefully sometime in
Some working titles of the forthcoming songs: "Rebirth in Blood", "Come
Death" and "No New beginning".

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