Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NOX - new MP3 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' available online

NOX - new MP3 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' available online

Dutch Death Metal crew NOX have posted an advance mp3 on the Wicked World
Records myspace page

Titled 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' the track is the opening cut on the new
'Ixaxaar' album due on Feb 19.

'Ixaxaar' (pron. 'ick-sack-sar', meaning a seal or gateway to hell) broods
with the unhealthy marriage of cosmic chaos theories and grim-faced
aggression. With the kind of oily serpentine riffs not heard since early
Morbid Angel or Angelcorpse efforts, the band blend supreme technical
mastery with immediate catchiness and unholy malice. Favouring a
blast-based attack of extreme speed and sharply direct riffing, the
approach is deliberately lean and pretence-free.

Having performed with like-minded misanthropists such as Antaeus and
Nifelheim and with links to nefarious underground occult organisations
including the notorious M.L.O., Nox are intent on taking their subterranean
sound and beliefs to a wider audience IN 2007.

The band features ex-members of Centurian who issued one album via
Listenable, and current members of Severe Torture.

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