Thursday, April 16, 2009


Lane Soderberg of Noise Creep recently had the chance to speak with
Jason Decay, frontman of Canada's leading traditional heavy metal
band, CAULDRON. In this exclusive interview, Jason goes on record
about his hated for nu-metal in its heyday and how the cyclical nature
of musical trends directly influenced the rise of CAULDRON:

"My backlash for that shit started when KORN started ruining the
"Power 30" (Much Music's metal video show) back when I was 14," says
Jason, "And it ended when I simply stopped caring about hating it
anymore. I forget when that was. Like anything, it comes and goes and
it will be back again someday to ruin something else, just like bands
like us are currently ruining it (for nu-metal)."

Read Jason Decay's interview with Lane Soderberg of Noise Creep here:

CAULDRON's full-length debut album, CHAINED TO THE NITE will be
available in North America on May 5th. Noise Creep calls CHAINED TO
THE NITE "a fresh take on old-school metal that will surely cause even
the most jaded of metal fans to dust off their leather jackets and
throw the horns in the air with pride once again." Get your 2 CD
(with bonus tracks) and vinyl LP (with an exclusive bonus track)
limited edition versions of CHAINED TO THE NITE from the EARACHE U.S.

CAULDRON will be joining Pomona, CA thrashers, BONDED BY BLOOD for a
mini tour of the UK next month. Here are the dates on the Chained To
The Beast tour:

Catch BONDED BY BLOOD and CAULDRON at the following shows:

08 May 2009 - Glasgow, UK - The Classic Grand
10 May 2009 - London, UK - Purple Turtle
11 May 2009 - Leeds, UK - Rio's
12 May 2009 - Nottingham, UK - Seven

Check out and pass around the tour flyer:

An introductory CAULDRON video, filmed on the band's recent trip to
the UK
can be viewed at

Check out some CAULDRON tracks and get more news and info from the
band at

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