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CHAINED TO THE NITE, the debut album from Canadian heavy metal heroes
CAULDRON is out now in Europe.

CAULDRON signed to Earache Records in 2008 before making their debut label
appearance on the critically acclaimed HEAVY METAL KILLERS compilation,
which features the very best bands of the emerging "New Wave of Traditional
Heavy Metal" scene. Since then, the band have played with the likes of
legendary fellow Canadians ANVIL, performing in front of thousands of film
critics and industry insiders at the premiere for the documentary movie,
"Anvil! The Story of Anvil".

Now CAULDRON return with their full-length debut album, CHAINED TO THE NITE
- an energetic, riff-heavy frenzy of an album which proves that traditional,
true-to-the-roots heavy metal is once again on the rise.

CAULDRON vocalist/bassist JASON DECAY comments:

"In case you haven't noticed - whether your head's been buried far up your
ass or you simply have no filter whatsoever - today's music, with a few odd
exceptions, has been at best, powerfully weak. I say this not as a
musician, but as a fan... A 100%, hopeless, die-hard metalhead.

"'CHAINED TO THE NITE', our debut recording on Earache Records, is a
reaction to this. We wrote what WE wanted to hear; the kind of forgotten
metal that seemed to only exist these days in a mothballed box of mixed
tapes in your older brother's closet. And we wanted that back! True
fucking metal, meant to be played in dank, Kerrang! poster pullout-walled
basements, with a keg of cheap beer and a dying turntable. Pure and

CHAINED TO THE NITE is out now as a limited edition CD which includes a
bonus CD with two extra tracks, and is also available as a limited edition
vinyl LP in black, or ultra limited edition vinyl LP in yellow. Both LP
versions of the album include an exclusive bonus track.

CHAINED TO THE NITE was produced by IAN BLURTON and mixed by NEIL KERNON
(DOKKEN, QUEENSRYCHE). The track listing is as follows:

01. Young And Hungry
02. Conjure The Mass
03. Chained Up In Chains
04. The Leaven / Fermenting Enchantress
05. Dreams Die Young
06. Bound To The Stake
07. Witch Trail
08. Midnite Hour
09. Chains Around Heaven

CHAINED TO THE NITE is available from all good music retailers, or can be
purchased from the Earache European Webstore at

CHAINED TO THE NITE is due to be released in the USA on May 5th, 2009. Fans
in the USA can pre-order the album at

An introductory CAULDRON video, filmed on the band's recent trip to the UK
can be viewed at

Check out some CAULDRON tracks and get more news and info from the band at

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

NYC office phone: +1(718)786 1707

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