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Floridian extreme metallers ORDER OF ENNEAD are currently on the road as
part of the Icons Of Evil European tour with VITAL REMAINS, SLUDGE and

ORDER OF ENNEAD frontman KEVIN QUIRION checks in from the road with the
first part of his tour diary:

"Day 1 Travel day. Oh the joys of waiting at airports they are endless and
not worth mentioning.

"Day 2 Had the day to walk around Amsterdamn before the bus picked us up.
Met up with Dave Kinkade (drummer supreme) and checked out some coffee shops
and walked around the red light district. Good times. Caught up with the
Vital guys roaming around the same section of town, who knew? Took a picture
with Darth Vader, the Netherlands version. He's slightly thinner and has an
accent, probably blonde hair too. Around 6pm we went back to the airport to
meet up with Massive Music and the guys in Tribulation.

"Day 3 Julet, Belgium @ Maison De Tous. Got to the venue around noon. Its in
the shadow of an average sized church. Nice venue, has a gym type of feel to
it. Checked out Tribulation and Sludge also. Sludge showed up a couple hours
before they were suppose to go on. Their singer works in a hospital and told
us a story about a sex change he witnessed. Female to male. I told him I
want a different story every night they are on the bill. Night ended at 3am
when the club finally told everyone to leave.

"Day 4 Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera. Before the show we walked around the
city. Its like a mini-Amsterdamn. Its pretty nice. Good show and another
good show in the Netherlands. After the show Scott and I walked down the
street and got a Doner. Its a Turkish thing thats pretty much everyone here.
Sliced meat right in front of you. Good stuff.

"Day 5 Essen, Germany @ Turok. Ulik, the bass player from Sludge bought
Scott and myself hamburger action today. Show went well and even met some
people that saw us in January in Bochum. They started a chant for us "Book
Again". That was cool. There was an after party following the show until
6am. Man was that a mistake. All I will say is some people were drunk, some
were bloody and the entire tour almost got thrown out of the club. Having 4
bands with near endless beer on tour is probably not a good idea.

"Day 6 Amersfort, Netherlands @ De Kelder. Hung out with Dave Kinkade,
drummer for Borknagar, today and his girlfriend Sophie. They took us to
Burger King and after seeing Indian food on the menu again I was happy. Show
went well eventhough it was an early show. We went on around 5 because it
was a Sunday. Bus driver showed off his great driving skills tonight by
backing up the bus and trailer. Feel safe with him driving every night.

"Day 7 and 8. Days off near Fort Boyard, France. No shows booked for two
days so we hung around southern France for two days. The bus parked about 3
miles from the center of town. There was food close by, but it was
expensive. Had pizza everyday that was actually very good. Bought the guys
in Tribulation crepes. A must in my opinion for anyone visiting France.
Everyone got drunk for two days and some enjoyed very fresh oysters.

"Day 9 Nantes, France @ Le Ferrailleur. Cool venue right on the water.
Scott and I walked to a nearby church. We also saw a very large mechanical
elephant that you could ride. Strange. Its been very hot the last couple of
days and everyone's getting sunburnt. Show was especially good tonight.
Great response for all of the bands and just a great time. Stage was very
hot tonight though. I didn't even see an airconditioning duct in the place.
It was killer. Good night though.

"Day 10 Durango, Spain. Got to town early and walked around by myself and
then later with Eric from Vital and then again with the drummer and bass
player of Sludge. Nice town. Spain is beautiful with its architecture and
atmospher. Sound of stage was awesome tonight and we were told it sounded
great from the crowd also. The crowd is another story though. Just week.
They just stood there and golf clapped most of the night, even for Vital
which is crazy. Just a very inactive crowd, but the promoter says the crowds
have been like that lately. Off to Madrid manana."

Catch ORDER OF ENNEAD live at the following remaining shows:

29 Apr 2009 - Plattern, Switzerland - Z7 (w/ SAMAEL)

30 Apr 2009 - Bologna, Italy - Sottotetto
01 May 2009 - Hauzenberg, Germany - Burgerpark
02 May 2009 - Vienna, Austria - Escape Metalcorner
03 May 2009 - Nova Gorica, Slovakia - Mostovna
05 May 2009 - Budapest, Hungary - Durer Kert
06 May 2009 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Irish & Music
07 May 2009 - Bucarest, Romania - Studio Martin
08 May 2009 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Blue Box
09 May 2009 - Osijek, Croatia - United
10 May 2009 - Zagreb, Croatia - Boogaloo

ORDER OF ENNEAD's self-titled debut album consists of 11 tracks of blasting
death metal intensity, mixed with touches of black metal melodrama. The
album is out now worldwide and is available as a limited edition CD
featuring a bonus DVD with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the
studio. Get your copy in Europe at or in the USA at

For more ORDER OF ENNEAD news and info, head to

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

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