Thursday, April 30, 2009


The Salty Pirate recently spent some time with CAULDRON frontman Jason
Decay and had a chat with him about the band's recent trip to Europe,
HEAVY METAL KILLERS, stomach problems, ANVIL and how the Canadian
death metal scene affected (or in this case, didn't affect) their sound:

"TSP: With a lot of the younger generation of headbangers getting
their rocks off with extreme/death metal, what drew you fellows to the
old styles, especially with Canada being so well known for it's death
metal scene ?

JASON: What death metal scene? Those bands that hibernate up in
Quebec? We're used to Anvil, Sacrifice, Metallian, Maniac, Exciter,
mid-80's Lee Aaron, Thor, Reckless, Witchkiller, Razor... We're just
playing what we want to hear regardless of what's going on around us
or what's cool; we don't give a fuck about that. I grew up listening
to Metallica through my next door neighbor 20 years ago and not much
has changed since, maybe evolved cause I can't just listen to the
first 4 Metallica over and over, but we're pretty passionate about the
music we love."

For the full Salty Pirate interview with CAULDRON frontman, Jason
Decay, go to

CAULDRON's full-length debut album, CHAINED TO THE NITE will be
available in North America on May 5th. Noise Creep calls CHAINED TO
THE NITE "a fresh take on old-school metal that will surely cause even
the most jaded of metal fans to dust off their leather jackets and
throw the horns in the air with pride once again." Get your 2 CD
(with bonus tracks) and vinyl LP (with an exclusive bonus track)
limited edition versions of CHAINED TO THE NITE from the EARACHE U.S.

Get chained to CAULDRON at these upcoming dates:

8 - Glasgow, Scotland - The Classic Grand (w/BONDED BY BLOOD)
10 - London, England - Purple Turtle (w/BONDED BY BLOOD)
11 - Leeds, England - Rio's (w/BONDED BY BLOOD)
12 - Nottingham, England - Seven (w/BONDED BY BLOOD)
29 - Burlington, ON - Red Rooster (with Toxic Holocaust)

1 - St. Catherine, ON - L3 (with Toxic Holocaust)
2 - Hamilton, ON - Casbah (with Toxic Holocaust)
3 - Sarnia, ON - Trinity Lounge (with Toxic Holocaust)
4 - Windsor, ON - Chubby Pickle (with Toxic Holocaust)
5 - Milton, ON - St. Paul's Church (with Toxic Holocaust)
6 - Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club (with Ash Lee Blade)

Check out some CAULDRON tracks and get more news and info from the
band at

An introductory CAULDRON video, filmed on the band's recent trip to
the UK can be viewed at

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