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Norwegian death metal tyrants BLOOD RED THRONE are about to release
their newest opus, SOULS OF DAMNATION on June 1st in Europe and June
30th in the USA. To wet the appetites of their brutal-minded fans, the
band have written a track-by-track rundown of what you can expect to
hear on the album:

"- The Light, The Hate; opening track of the album written by Død. Got
it all. Fast and brutal riffs, some real headbanging groove riffs and
a nice solo!

- Harme; written by Død. A bit Deicide-ish opening riff, but then
comes a really groovy riff and in the middle there's a really slow
part !

- Throne of Damnation; written by Død. The fastest track on the album.
A bit Morbid Angel opening riff and then a real cool double bass drum
verse riff. Also one of my favorite solos on this one. We're planning
doing a music video for this one!

- Human Fraud; written by Tchort. Very Obituary kind of opening. I
think it has some really old riffs of Tchort's back in the early Green
Carnation days!

- Demand; written by Død. I wanted to do a thrash song. Maybe a bit
Exodus-ish. The first song we recorded in studio!

- Your Cold Flesh; written by Død. One of my favorite tracks. A bit
darker and slower, though it opens with a really Cannibal Corpse kind
of riff. Then it comes some very cool mid-tempo riffs. I like the solo
on this on too!

- Prove Yourself Dead; written by Tchort. Again some of his older riffs.

- Not Turgenjev, But Close; written by Død. A bit different riffing.
One of the last songs I wrote.

- Ten Steps of Purgatory; written by Tchort. Somehow improvised and
put together in studio. I think this is one of the coolest BRT tracks
Tchort has written. A pretty unusual closing theme in this song.

- Manifest of Lies; the last track Død wrote. Meant to be the opening
track, but we decided to put it on as a bonus track. A melodic intro
and outro, and an awesome second riff going on!

- Affiliated With The Suffering; we always loved this album, but it
has a shitty production. So, we decided to at least re-record one of
the tracks and add as a bonus. Written by Tchort."

The full track listing for the album is as follows:

01. The Light, The Hate
02. Harme
03. Throne Of Damnation
04. Human Fraud
05. Demand
06. Your Cold Flesh
07. Prove Yourself Dead
08. Not Turgenjev, But Close
09. Ten Steps Of Purgatory
10. Manifest Of Lies*
11. Affiliated With The Suffering*

(*UK/Europe-only limited edition bonus tracks)

View the cover art for SOULS OF DAMNATION at

Check out a brand new song, "The Light, The Hate" from SOULS OF
the band's official MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/bloodredthrone666

Check out a trailer featuring clips of the music along with footage
from the
UK/Europe-only bonus DVD at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzn8GkkXmFc

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