Thursday, May 21, 2009


Many people might not realize that this month marks the 20th
anniversary of the release of MORBID ANGEL's landmark release, ALTARS
OF MADNESS. The album has been a tremendous influence upon countless
metal musicians throughout its 20 year history. Among them includes
Død, guitarist of BLOOD RED THRONE

"When I started listening to death metal in 1991, this album was
already a classic and an innovative album at that time. I remember we
tried to pick "Maze of Torment" and "Chapel of Ghouls," but it was
hard to figure out all the riffs."

Død, a MORBID ANGEL lifer, also mentions: "One of the first death
metal gigs I went to was Morbid Angel in 1995. Immortal was support
and Hellhammer did the drums!"

Buy the ALTARS OF MADNESS deluxe CD/DVD edition on the EARACHE U.S.

BLOOD RED THRONE's upcoming new album, SOULS OF DAMNATION is due to be
released by Earache Records on June 1st in Europe and June 30th in the
The full track listing for the album is as follows:

01. The Light, The Hate
02. Harme
03. Throne Of Damnation
04. Human Fraud
05. Demand
06. Your Cold Flesh
07. Prove Yourself Dead
08. Not Turgenjev, But Close
09. Ten Steps Of Purgatory
10. Manifest Of Lies*
11. Affiliated With The Suffering*

(* limited edition bonus tracks)

View the cover art for SOULS OF DAMNATION at

Check out a brand new song, "The Light, The Hate" from SOULS OF
the band's official MySpace page:

BLOOD RED THRONE's previous offering, 2007's COME DEATH, is available in
Europe at and
in the
USA at

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