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Floridian extreme metallers ORDER OF ENNEAD have just finished making their
way across Europe on the Icons Of Evil European tour with VITAL REMAINS,

ORDER OF ENNEAD frontman KEVIN QUIRION shares his experiences of life on the
road with the second part of his tour diary:

"Day 11 Madrid, Spain @ Ritmos & Compas. We had to walk over 100 yards to
load in the gear today. Awesome. Did I mention it was up a small hill also?
I got to shave today so that was something. Found a great guitar shop right
down the street from the venue that everyone loved. It had everything you
could imagine. Some were trying the Laboga heads that Hate Eternal raves
about. The show was KILLER. Great response. When we started playing The
Culling a slight cheer erupted. It was great, especially after the crowd in
Durango was so cold.

"Day 12 Murcia, Spain @ Nave8. A bunch of people are hungover today. What a
shock! As soon as we stopped at the venue I went walking. Not much to see
since the venue is in an industrial area. I did find a Burger King and the
almight Mountain Dew today and I even took a nice shower. Man you appreciate
some strange things on the road. Updating a tour blog for instance. John and
I played a game of foozeball with the Swedes. I would recommend not doing
that. We got slaughtered. Oh well, soccer isn't our sport in the US anyway.
Later that night we played the again when they were drunk and that didn't go
well either. They were high and might until the Swiss came into the picture.
Patrick and Makro from Sludge destroyed the Swedes and won the coveted world

"Day 13 Barcelona, Spain @ Mephisto. Got to the city early and Marko from
Sludge/Samael was going to show us around. We started with 19 of us going
into the city. Markro did the whole tour guide thing, it was really nice of
him. He's originally from Spain and now lives in Switzerland. Barcelona is a
great city and I want to go back for sure. Saw the Columbus monument and
were all of the shops are located. John Li, myself and Sergie from Sludge
went to Segrada Familia after the others wanted to go back to the bus. Well
this was worth the entire day. Its a church they've been building for over a
hundred years and they aren't even close yet to being finished. Its grand
and totally over the top. After that we had McDonalds. I know, but sometimes
you want something your familiar with so screw off. Oh yeah, the crowd was
very weak and barely responded. Just like the Durango crowd. So every other
show in Spain is good.

"Day 14 Marseille, France @ Le Local 013. At first we couldn't find the
club. There is no sign on the building and its an industrial park. Its one
of these venues you pull up to and say "What the hell is this place?" Then
later you play the show and its killer. Walked around a bit and not a thing
to see here. We are miles away from the city. Great show though and all were
drunk and taking pictures with all of the beautiful French ladies.

"Day 15 Milan, Italy @ Musicdrome. This place use to be called Transylvania
Live and I heard about it the last tour. Scott, our bass player lived around
here years ago also. Not much to do in this section of town and its raining.
Posters advertise Cradle Of Filth playing the next night and this show was
originally suppose to be in Turin so we aren't sure how the turnout will be.
There weren't many people at the show, but the ones who were there were
really into it so that helps get us pumped up. After load out, which was in
the rain, a soccer game busts out in the venue with a half empty water
bottle. Soon after they ask us to leave, ironic?

"Day 16 Prattlern, Switzerland Z7. This venue is killer. Multiple showers,
bathrooms with toilet paper, great food and enough for everyone, great sound
on stage and we get to play the show with the mighty Sameal. We did two
weeks with them this past January and they are a great live band and we
really get along with these guys very well. Its also Sludges last day on the
tour who we've really had a great time getting to know. We met up with some
friends who take us into Basel, the city about 15 minutes away and check it
out. I didn't expect much, but at Vorph from Samael told me it was one of
his favorite Swiss cities, I got interested. It didn't disappoint. It was
very interesting. Later the show went fantastic and then most of the bands
watched Samael. Some had never seen them and Scott and myself have been
talking them up all tour. They were awesome as usual and it was really nice
to see them again. It was just a great day all together and I forgot to
mention this place has a washer and dryer. That should say it all. End of
the night we say our goodbyes to Sludge and take a huge tour photo on the
stage. We'll be in touch with these guys for sure.

"Day 17 Bologna, Italy @ Sottotetto. Another of those industrial park venues
that we aren't sure how the turnout will be. Really in the middle of
nowhere. I take out my guitar early and work on some arrangement for future
albums. When we start playing there is no one around and then all of a
sudden about 100 people are around. After the first couple of songs I ask
where the hell they all came from. It ended up being a really good show and
they have a hot shower for afterwards. That always makes the experience
better. Owner of the club liked us a lot and all things were great in the

"Day 18 Day Off in Hauzenberg, Germany @ Burger Park for the Walpurgus
Metalfest. The only band that is playing the fest is Vital Remains.
Tribulation and OOE got added to the tour late and therefore didn't get on
the bill. Well this sucks since there are about 2000 people at the fest.
Really irritating and the line-up for the first day of the fest wasn't very
interesting. Second day had Vader, Sinister and Enthroned which would have
been fine, but we were there the first day only. Vader did show up early
though and we got to hang out with them. We me them this past January and
they are great guys. I asked Peter about the new album and their deal with
Nuclear Blast. They should get a good push from their new label. The day
ended up being rather sucky, but at least we got free food and admission to
the fest.

"Day 19 Vienna, Austria @ Escape Metalcorner. When we first headed to Vienna
I was excited because its a great city with plenty of history to it,
especially with classical music. Well the part of town the club is in was
far from that I was really disappointed. Its were the brothels and graffiti
litter the buildings. Great. I decide to take a nap and Kaish and Eric from
Vital Remains tell me how they walked twenty minutes in the other direction
and saw some awesome sites. So John Li and myself get to it. Its John's 20th
birthday today also. We start walking and about 20 minutes later its what I
though Vienna would be. Great museums and buildings everywhere. We walked
for about 2 hours and took pics of everything. Along with Barcelona this is
the best city to walk around so far. I bought John McDonalds for his
birthday and when we get back to the venue we go on just over an hour later.
Glad we headed back when we did or we would have missed the show. Very small
stage today, but the people are into it. The stage was so small I kept
hitting my guitar head on something and knocking it out of tune and Scott
had a PA amp right by his head. John almost knocked me in the head a couple
of times too with his guitar. Another hot shower makes this day rule.

"Day 20 Nova Gorica, Slovenia @ Mostovna. Walked around the city with Jacob
from Tribulation and John today. Got some Italian ice cream. Venue is right
acroos the street from the old iron curtain. Nice view of the mountains.
Venue outside. Show went well, but I wasn't into much tonight. Monotony of
the road setting in, but everyone liked the show. Did an interview
afterwards with someone I did one for on-line months ago. Some women hanging
around backstage. What does that mean?"

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