Tuesday, May 26, 2009


British technical death metal virtuosos THE BOY WILL DROWN have just come
off the road after playing a short string of dates in Germany, the band's
first shows outside of the UK.

The band report on their first venture into mainland Europe:

"First time TBWD has been on a ferry and across the pond. We were excited
and looking forward to the prospect of playing shows where we wouldn't have
a clue what people were saying and seeing rather amusing place and road
signs such as 'Wankum' lol. But so far it has been such a blast and the
album material has gone down so well with the fans; also people are looking
rather rad in the new tee. Surprising how late the shows start in Europe.
Didn't manage to get onstage in Gent till almost midnight! But the diehard
fans stayed till the very end and it was an awesome show!!

"What have we been up to during the day?? Well... The daily activities
mainly include enjoying the great weather, bit of sightseeing being total
tourists, driving on the wrong side of the road (sooooo weird) then doing
the gigs! Can't be bad I reckon. All planning to get our tan on ;) but
having to pay to use the service station toilets is fucking Mack.

"Have we travelled on our own...?? Hell no! Two of our mates have joined
the party! Josh from the band 'The Temptress' aka Merch Bitch and Nick from
'This Is Colour' aka Driver Bitch. Nick is also responsible for introducing
us to Taylor Swift... Cheers man.

"What about our touring buddies...?? Mindtrap are a great bunch of guys,
such a laugh and awesome musicians. Their music is so intense and we
fucking love 'em. They're always pleased to help us whenever we've needed
advice on the local scene and if we have language barrier problems (as none
of us speak a fucking word of German) but at least we've been learning a few
important words from them to hurl at people while driving."

Catch THE BOY WILL DROWN on tour in the UK at the following shows:

31 July 2009 Grimsby, UK - Matrix
01 August 2009 Leeds, UK - Joseph's Well
02 August 2009 Colchester, UK - The Twist
03 August 2009 Norwich, UK - Marquee

THE BOY WILL DROWN's debut album FETISH is out now in Europe and delivers a
vicious blend of technical and experimental music based around grindcore and
death metal. The limited edition first pressing of FETISH comes in a deluxe
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For more THE BOY WILL DROWN news and info, and to listen to a few songs from
FETISH, head to http://www.myspace.com/tbwd

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

NYC office phone: +1(718)786 1707

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