Monday, May 18, 2009


EARACHE RECORDS is pleased to announce the signing of UK hardcore act,
YOUR DEMISE to a North American licensing deal. YOUR DEMISE plays a
style of metallic hardcore popularized by bands such as HATEBREED and
EARTH CRISIS and combines it with elements from all over the musical
landscape, including elements of drum n bass. This eclectic
combination creates a sound that is more modern, more rule-breaking
and more refreshing than that of the typical hardcore band. With the
August 11th North American release of their debut album, IGNORANCE
NEVER DIES, YOUR DEMISE will usher in the era of "Hardcore 2.0"

The "Hardcore 2.0" moniker isn't just about the music, either. YOUR
DEMISE has overcome insurmountable odds to get to where they are now
and have lived truly hardcore lives that would make lesser men weep.
Equipment theft? Check. Multiple line-up changes? Check, and make that
twelve. Motorway breakdowns? You bet, including a time when the side
door of their tour van literally fell off in the fast lane of a major
European freeway. Finally, there's the story of how the band spent 24
hours solitary confinement in a Belgian prison, but that one is best
saved for later...

On the signing of YOUR DEMISE, EARACHE U.S. Label Manager Al Dawson
says "YOUR DEMISE is the best new british act going today and we
couldn't be any more thrilled to add them to our roster. We're
completely over the f*cking moon about these guys because they've got
great songs and a large reputation for doing whatever it takes to
break through and become a success. We here at EARACHE intend to do
everything in our power to build on their substantial UK/European buzz
and take them to the next level in a North American market that is
thirsty for bands that are heavy and bring something unique to the

Visible Noise, the famed UK label that helped unleash BULLET FOR MY
once again brings their newest buzz band, YOUR DEMISE to the territory
via a U.S. licensing deal with EARACHE RECORDS. Visible Noise A&R
Director Julie Weir says: "YOUR DEMISE are an extreme and
uncompromising band, breaking the boundaries of Hardcore. As soon as I
heard IGNORANCE NEVER DIES, I knew we needed a partner for the USA
that understood how to work with the band. EARACHE have a legacy that
Visible Noise have respected since the label began and we are excited
to be working together."

Having played over 500 shows all across the UK/Europe, YOUR DEMISE
will finally head to North America this fall to play shows in support
of their debut album, IGNORANCE NEVER DIES, arriving in North America
on August 11th. The UK/European press have held the album in high
regard, many claiming it to be one of this year's masterpieces. Here's
a sample of the praise for IGNORANCE NEVER DIES:

"The shape of Punk to come? Quite possibly… the energy on this
stunning debut is positively nuclear… Frank Carter [Gallows] may want
to keep a watchful eye on his title of King of UK Hardcore, because
challengers don't come much stronger than this. KKKK " Kerrang (UK)

"One of the best outfits the UK Hardcore scene has to offer. 4/5" Big

"Your Demise are the UK's most exciting new Hardcore band and
'Ignorance Never Dies' is a true masterpiece. 9/10 " Rock One (France)

Watch the video for the gritty IGNORANCE NEVER DIES track, "Burnt
Tongues" at

For the latest news, dates, music, photos and more, go to YOUR
DEMISE's official MySpace page:

For press opportunities and further information, please contact:

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North American Press Manager
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Suite 507a
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