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Get sucked into hell by one of the most anticipated death metal releases of 2007. ‘Antichrist’ is the newest release by the satanic Englishmen, AKERCOCKE and it makes its way to US stores TOMORROW.

Finally, America can find out what all of the controversy is about. ‘Antichrist’ is the album so evil that Northern Ireland opposed the band’s appearance in the region. It’s the album so satanic that the band’s original US pressing plant refused to handle the disc. See for yourself why this epic masterpiece has caused such a stir as AKERCOCKE’s ‘Antichrist’ comes to the US TOMORROW.

You can buy it in stores or on EARACHE.COM.

Antichrist’ Track Listing:
  1. Black Messiah
  2. Summon the Antichrist
  3. Axiom
  4. The Promise
  5. My Apterous Angel
  6. Distant Fires Reflect in the Eyes of Satan
  7. Man Without Faith or Trust
  8. The Dark Inside
  9. Footsteps Resound in an Empty Chapel
   10. Epode

To watch the twisted and surreal video for “Axiom,” go to

For a full list of AKERCOCKE tour dates, including a fall Australian tour with THE BERZERKER and a special 10th anniversary show in London this August, go to AKERCOCKE.COM

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Who’s album is coming out when? The signature knows all, just rub its crystal ball...

July 17
Akercocke - ‘Antichrist’
Various Artists - ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Companion’ (6 CD Box Set)

July 31
Municipal Waste - ‘The Art of Partying’ (17 Track /w Patch)
Municipal Waste – ‘The Art of Partying’ LP

August 14
Bring Me the Horizon - ‘Count Your Blessings’

September 11
Ephel Duath - ‘Pain Remixes The Known’

September 25
Bring Me The Horizon - ‘This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Is For’
Evile - ‘Enter The Grave’

October 23
Blood Red Throne - ‘Come Death’
Entombed - ‘Wolverine Blues Redux’

Fall 2007
Biomechanical -’Cannibalize’
Severe Torture – ‘Sworn Vengeance’

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