Monday, July 30, 2007



TOMORROW, Tuesday July, 31 is like Christmas, the Super Bowl and your 21st birthday bender all wrapped up in one for thrash fans all over America. It's THRASH TUESDAY! This is the day, of course, when MUNICIPAL WASTE's The Art of Partying and SSS's Short Sharp Shock hit store shelves.

MUNICIPAL WASTE - The Art of Partying is the type of album that makes you want to tap a keg, finish it in one sitting then throw it around the house just for kicks. A throwback to the days when thrash could make you smile just as fast as it makes you headbang, The Art of Partying pulls no punches and keeps at a full throttle pace from beginning to end. If you buy The Art of Partying, you will also receive two bonus tracks and a limited edition MUNICIPAL WASTE patch while supplies last.

SSS - Short Sharp Shock is a straightforward kick in the balls that shreds circles around those who do not thrash. Fueled by anger, aggression and wit, SSS's Short Sharp Shock raises the stakes on the likes of S.O.D and Suicidal Tendencies and as Decibel cleverly puts it, "goes for the throat." Short Sharp Shock is also available on limited edition colored vinyl.

Don't walk...don't run...MOSH to your favorite music store, tear the aisles apart and DEMAND your copies of MUNICIPAL WASTE -The Art of Partying and SSS - Short Sharp Shock THIS TUESDAY, July 31. You can also order them online by going to

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