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MUNICIPAL WASTE- Drummer, Dave Witte Joins The Vic Firth Family

MUNICIPAL WASTE- Drummer, Dave Witte Joins The Vic Firth Family

Some of the world’s most talented drummers exclusively use Vic Firth sticks as their tools of choice for raging around the kit. Carmine Appice, Terry Bozzio, Thomas Haake, Danny Carey and Thomas Lang are a few of the illustrious names that are on Vic Firth’s stable of artists. You can now add one more name to that list, as MUNICIPAL WASTE’s Dave Witte has joined the Vic Firth family.

You name it and Dave Witte has done it. Earning chops, props and respect is a hard thing to attain as a musician, but Dave Witte has earned everything 100% and has earned it through good old fashioned hard work.  One of the most well-rounded drummers in his field, Witte has earned plenty of praise from critics and fans alike by being the man behind the kit for DISCORDANCE AXIS, BURNT BY THE SUN and MELT BANANA. Currently, Witte helms the skins for Virginia thrashers, MUNICIPAL WASTE where he takes the definition of “Thrash” to new levels with his blinding speeds and humorous presence on ‘Hazardous Mutation’ and ‘The Art of Partying.’

With his reputation like his, Vic Firth was indeed very excited to add a quality name like Witte’s to their roster. Marco Soccoli, Director of Artist Relations Worldwide at Vic Firth said the following about this momentous occasion: “We are proud to have Dave as part of the Vic Firth family, he's a great drummer and a great addition to our family of drummers.”

From now on, you’ll only see Dave Witte drum with Vic Firth’s Rock N series sticks, a fact that Witte is extremely proud of.

“A drum stick endorsement through Vic Firth has finally happened after many years and I couldn’t be happier. I am now sworn to the Vic Firth Rock N and I feel the sticks are the ultimate connection between me and my drums.”

Get an earful of Dave Witte’s drumming on MUNICIPAL WASTE’s ‘Hazardous Mutation’ and ‘The Art of Partying’ (available NOW in the UK, July 31 in the USA) on EARACHE.COM

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