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recently joined together with Troma Entertainment to complete a music video for “Headbanger Face Rip,” one of the many blistering tracks featured on the band’s latest release, The Art of Partying.

Have you ever wondered how good of a guitar player the Toxic Avenger is? What do you think would happen when Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD meets “The Inebriator”? All those on set for this momentous occasion know and soon, so will the world.

Shot primarily on bluescreen, Troma made sure to film MUNICIPAL WASTE in just about every angle imaginable so the maximum amount of thrash could be experienced by all. When not playing for the camera, they played it UP for the camera, donning white jumpsuits and officially becoming members of the Toxic Crusaders. No one in the room was running on much sleep, nor was fueled by much food, so to see the band play as hard as they did in front of the hot, blinding studio lights is a testament to MUNICIPAL WASTE’s ability to thrash before all else.

After he band had wrapped shooting their individual parts, it was time to film 3 of the finest creations ever to come out of the warped minds of Troma. The Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD and a newer Troma character (now a band favorite), Poultrygeist thrashed around the set like there was no tomorrow. It goes to show that MUNICIPAL WASTE can fuck up even the most seasoned of oddities.

As the day wore down, all notions of this being a professional shoot went out the window, especially when the beer arrived. The shoot turned into a giant party that just happened to be filmed. With MUNICIPAL WASTE around, you never know what’s going to happen and soon Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD found out the hard way as he fell victim to the most monstrous beer bong of all time, Tony Waste’s “The Inebriator.”

After some group shots and the filming of a brief scene involving MUNICIPAL WASTE’s tour van, the day was done. In the end, as is usually the case wherever MUNICIPAL WASTE goes, a raging good time was had by all. The way that Troma Entertainment and MUNICIPAL WASTE worked together was like a match made in thrash heaven. They’ve accomplished to shoot a video that will surely be as fun to watch as it was to be on set for. The video will be so fun, in fact, that you won’t just watch, you will be compelled to jump out of your seat and MOSH!

Keep your eyes peeled for the music video for MUNICIPAL WASTE’s “Headbanger Face Rip,” coming soon to screens everywhere. To wet your appetite in the meantime, click the following links to view some exclusive photos from the video shoot:

“Headbanger Face Rip” can be found on MUNICIPAL WASTE’s latest release, The Art of Partying, out on July 31 in the US, available NOW in the UK and

Voting in the Kerrang! Awards, but don’t know who to vote for? Well, this is one time that you’re better off letting your vote go to WASTE.
Vote MUNICIPAL WASTE for “Best International Newcomer,” “Best Live Band” and “Best Album (The Art of Partying).”
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Who’s album is coming out when? The signature knows all, just rub its crystal ball...

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July 31
Municipal Waste - ‘The Art of Partying’ (17 Track /w Patch)
Municipal Waste – ‘The Art of Partying’ LP

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Fall 2007
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