Thursday, July 05, 2007

SSS - Limited Edition Import Vinyls NOW AVAILABLE

SSS - Limited Edition Import Vinyls NOW AVAILABLE

SSS are a collection of colorful characters. You can hear how colorful they are on their EARACHE debut, 'Shot Sharp Shock,' and now you can SEE how colorful these lads are by buying a limited edition color vinyl version of 'Short Sharp Shock.'

This limited edition vinyl comes in 9 different colors and features the same tracklisting as on the CD. The vinyl versions have already seen a high number of pre-orders, so get yours now or you'll have to face The Beast! To order your 'Short Sharp Shock' limited edition colored vinyl NOW, go to

If you're not a vinyl fan or don't want to hear your thrash as old school as it gets, no worries. SSS's 'Short Sharp Shock' will makes its American CD debut in stores on July 31. It's available NOW in the UK and on

SSS will make the UK feel its fury this summer for a big string of dates that include several shows with fellow thrashers, MUNICIPAL WASTE and one very special show where the 3 new kings of thrash, SSS, MUNICIPAL WASTE and EVILE will join together to claim their rightful place at the throne. For a full list of dates, go to

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