Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Akercocke 'Antichrist' album banned by US pressing plant

Akercocke 'Antichrist' album banned by US pressing plant

The forthcoming album from Akercocke, abruptly titled ‘Antichrist’, has run into more controversy. The provocative nature of the record has already led to problems in Ireland, where the band will take part in a live discussion on the ‘Nolan Live’ show on BBC1 Northern Ireland next Wednesday at 10.45pm with members of the Irish Catholic clergy.

Now the album has run into problems in the US, where the pressing plant handling the production of the album, Disc USA, has refused to handle the record due its ‘anti-Christian’ perspective.

Commenting on the decision, Akercocke frontman Jason Mendonca stated:

“I rather perturbed that in this day and age, the 21st Century, people are so uptight.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the alleged democracy of the USA?
Censorship is always ugly no matter how you view it. It smacks of fascism to me.”

“What other works of art are barred to the good people of America?
The attitude of the printers is typical of the brainwashed. Judging something (literally) by its cover.
Anyone who took the time to look into our history would recognise that we have always stated we are anything but anti-christian.
It's divisive attitudes such as this that bring about conflict. Conflict through ignorance.”

Akercocke’s ‘Antichrist’ is currently set for May 28 release in UK/Europe, with an American release due on July 17.

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