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Akercocke to play Belfast tonight despite protests

Akercocke to play Belfast tonight despite protests

Akercocke will play Belfast tonight despite protests from Christian groups
and a strong police presence at the Belfast show.
The impending release of UK death metal country gents Akercocke's
latest album "Antichrist" caused so much uproar amongst Northern Ireland¹s
religious community that the band appeared on BBC Northern Ireland on
Wednesday night.
`Nolan Live' is BBC Northern Ireland's flagship topical affairs series.
It is presented by double Royal Television Society Award winner Stephen
Nolan, who also hosts a daily radio show on BBC Radio Ulster and a
weekend slot on BBC Five Live.
As the title suggests, the programme is a late-night 60 minute LIVE
programme, transmitted on BBC Northern Ireland television from 2240-2340
on a Wednesday night (also available on digital television). It is
totally interactive thereby allowing viewers to e-mail, text and call
the show LIVE - they will also be able to pose questions to Stephen and
the studio guests.
Audiences took advantage of the communication channels on Wednesday night to
air a variety of views:
" How do they know the Antichrist likes that kind of music? ... We dont
dont need religion, religion has caused more harm than good ... There's
enough antichrists in Belfast ... Stormont is full of weirdos like those
2. ... Was that singer on the right bitten by the wolf ... It
They dont look evil. Just stupid. ... Satan suckz God rulez ... I
say welcome the band here. They rule!! ... Is 666 under their hair?
... How do you even know what they are saying?? ... Who cares? Its
what they believe. ... The problem is the 2 in front of you.
Christians brain washers ... Its only theatrics, catch a grip! ...
The God Squad want to ban anything they don't agree with ... Get Uri to
bend their drum sticks. ... For gods sake let them sing. At the end of
the day people don't need music 2turn away from god ... COME ON NI
is rubbish, it should be banned. ... If your religions strong enough
shouldn''t matter. its music, Peace! ..."

The programme consistently tops the ratings in Northern Ireland, achieving
massive viewing figures.
The overtly satanic content contained within "Antichrist" and the bands
previous albums specifically "Rape of the bastard Nazerene" has come under
attack by religious forces, leading to the band's vocalist Jason Mendonca
and drummer David Gray having a head- to-head live TV debate that aired on
BBC1¹s ŒNolan Live¹ show. 
VIEW a clip of Wednesday night's show on Youtube:

According to sources in Belfast, there are Christian protestors outside the
venue now and police are demanding to see Akercocke lyrics before letting
them go on stage tonight.
The band are determined to play and tickets for shows are now limited as the
Irish metal community responds with support for Akercocke.

The band also guested on Steven Nolans BBC radio show the next morning
Listen in at

Jason will be appearing on Totalrock radio on Monday
morning 11.30am to tell people about his thoughts on the BBC programmes.

To find out more about Antichrist and to listen exclusively to the track
"Summon The Antichrist" that has ignited this controversy, head over to

Antichrist is released in the UK on Earache Records on May 28th (UK) and
July 17th (USA)

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