Thursday, May 03, 2007

Evile begin pre-production for debut album 'Enter the Grave'

Evile begin pre-production process for debut album 'Enter The Grave'

Fast-rising Yorkshire Thrashers Evile began the process of recording their
debut album with producer Flemming Rasmussen at their Huddersfield rehearsal
space over the past weekend. Under the watchful guidance of the famed
producer, the final 10 songs selected for the debut were intensively
discussed, arranged and rehearsed. Some brand new songs were aired, namely - "Man
against Machine" and "Burned Alive" amongst others.
The full tracklisting will be announced shortly.

Guitarist Ol Drake had this to say about working with the great producer:

"It was an amazing experience to meet such an important guy who played a huge part in the history and evolution of metal.

Not only is he an awesome and down to earth guy, he really fucking knows what he's talking about.
We all already have a great feeling about how the debut's going to turn out with his input alone!"

After Sunday’s successful pre-production session the band headed down to London to play a live instore at Tottenham Court Road’s Fopp!. The band Thrashed through a tight set of material to great response - Flemming had the chance to see what the band can do live and further gain a feel for the music due to be recorded in May.

The album is to be recorded at Rasmussen's Sweet Silence Studios in
Copenhagen during May-June, and is due for release on Earache on August

Pictured at the end of the session are  L-R
Dan (Earache), Mike, Matt, Flemming, Ali (Earache), Ol, Ben

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