Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Akercocke's Antichrist sparks religious debate on BBC TV

The upcoming release of UK death metal giants Akercocke's latest album 'Antichrist' has caused uproar amongst Northern Ireland's religious community, and is set to be the subject of a major religious debate live on BBC1 Northern Ireland.

The overtly satanic content contained within 'Antichrist' has come under attack by religious forces, leading to the band's vocalist Jason Mendonca facing a head- to-head live TV debate that will air on BBC1's 'Nolan Live' show. The debate will be broadcast live via satellite link at 10.45pm on BBC Northern Ireland following Akercocke's gig on May 16th at Nottingham's Rock City. This meeting of minds is sure to stir waves of controversy ahead of their show in Belfast on May 18th and Dublin on May 19th, and with the 'Antichrist' misson statement in full force, Akercocke are sure to voice their closely held satanic beliefs.

To find out more about 'Antichrist' and to listen exclusively to the track 'Summon The Antichrist' that has ignited this controversy, head over to

'Antichrist' is released in the UK on Earache Records on Monday May 28th (UK) and July 17th (USA)

Stephen Nolan's show can be viewed online at

Earache Press Office
Nottingham, UK


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