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Be prepared to get blown away. Before you take your first listen of BIOMECHANICAL's cinematic journey into sonic subspace, remember to ask yourself one thing: Can you survive CANNIBALISED?

CANNIBALISED is not for the faint hearted. Pummeling and relentless, this is the most complex record BIOMECHANICAL mastermind John K has created to date. The album in many ways reflects the character of the creator; intense and frenzied, almost schizophrenic and yet determined and ambitious.

CANNIBALISED is the culmination of a trilogy that began with EIGHT MOONS and continued on with THE EMPIRES OF THE WORLDS. The limited edition version of BIOMECHANICAL's latest magnum opus includes 4 orchestral bonus tracks that will give your body a chance to rest, as it will no doubt have been pummeled by the time the album is through.

Frontman John K comments:
"There are no compromises on this album. It¹s Metal without boundaries and as much energy as we could possibly deliver."

Produced by the legendary Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY, BRUCE DICKINSON), the album showcases all of the trademark components that earned BIOMECHANICAL rave reviews worldwide and a stellar vocal attack which incorporates shrill high pitch vocals mixed with guttural growls,
technically flawless playing and incredible guitar solos. The new album pushes the limits even further, with John K's film score influence even farther in the forefront, giving the tracks a widescreen feel that really help bring to the album a cinematic edge and depth. At the same time, this is easily the most aggressive and confrontational album the band has yet delivered, raging from the speakers in a multi layered scattergun approach. To say the album is ambitious is hardly doing it justice.

The reactions to the album have been singular in their praise:

"A gloriously deranged masterpiece" - Metal Hammer (Rated 9/10)

"BIOMECHANICAL hits with such density of force and such calculation that the listener is immediately swept away" -

"BIOMECHANICAL have dropped the gauntlet and are officially in the running for album of the year in 2008." - Pivotal Rage (Rated 5/5)

- CANNIBALISED is available NOW from the EARACHE U.S. Webstore:, ( and other music retailers.

Get more insight on BIOMECHANICAL and their new album, CANNIBALISED as our very own Talita Jenman interviews the band from EARACHE U.K.'s xmas party. Watch it here:

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