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In a brand new interview with Leviatan Metal Magazine, EVILE guitarist, Ol Drake offers a no holds barred look on life, love and THRASH.

On EVILE's support slot with MACHINE HEAD:

"It was our first time meeting, seeing and playing with MACHINE HEAD. Our expectations were high, as they have a great reputation in the biz (at least as far as I know). We knew they'd be tight as hell and would be on the ball 100%, which they were. Excellent live band. Robb (Flynn) was a really nice guy. He came out of his way to come and thank us for supporting. He's really up on the whole new 'revival' Thrash scene, which surprised me. Had a really cool time!"

On EVILE's early days as a METALLICA cover band:

"I'm so glad we did the covers band thing. We learnt everything about being in a metal band from it. Life on the road, live shows etc. It opened our eyes to the different life style. Someone could be asked what their job is "Oh I work at a bank" and we could then answer "Oh I play noise at people and sleep on guitar cabs in a van. I don't get paid for it either!". Generally it doesn't sound normal, so I'm glad we got into it. THRASSHSHH!H!!!!"

On EVILE's place in the resurgence of thrash:

"the album was created with a pure passion for Thrash Metal. We wrote the songs with a love for the music, and we recorded it with a love for the music. We didn't change styles to be in with the new 'Thrash Trend' as we were doing it years before this "revival" happened. I think if a band tries to be Thrash when they don't genuinely live and love the music, it shows. It's like if we tried doing some screamy-shouty-Emo haircut crap, we'd suck, because we hate it. "

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