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British wide screen full-on metallers Biomechanical release their third
album through Earache Records his week.

Entitled "CANNIBALISED" the album is the culmination of a musical journey
through "Eight Moons" and "The Empires of the Worlds" and concludes the
complex trilogy.

Frontman John K comments:
"There are no compromises on this album. It¹s Metal without boundaries and
as much energy as we could possibly deliver."

ŒCannibalised¹ is not for the faint hearted. Pummeling and relentless, this
is the most complex record Biomechanical mastermind John K has created to
date. Cinematic, high definition heavy metal, the album in many ways
reflects the character of the creator; intense and frenzied, almost
schizophrenic and yet determined and ambitious. The limited edition first
pressing comes with 4 exclusive orchestral tracks.

Produced with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin
Lizzy, Bruce Dickinson), the album showcases all of the trademark components
that earned Biomechanical rave reviews worldwide ­ a stellar vocal attack
incorporating shrill high pitch vocals mixed with guttural growls,
technically flawless playing and incredible guitar solos. The new album
takes things still further, with John K¹s love of soundtrack music even more
evident, giving the tracks a widescreen feel that really help bring to the
album a cinematic edge and depth. At the same time, this is easily the most
aggressive and confrontational album the band has yet delivered, raging from
the speakers in a multi layered scattergun approach. To say the album is
ambitious is hardly doing it justice.

The reactions to the album have been singular in their praise:

Kerrang KKKK - "It's the fact that they push everything so far that
ultimately makes 'Cannibalised' work, the melodrama infusing the album
presenting a band who aren't afraid to go all out. Good on 'em."

Classic Rock 8/10 - "A thoroughly lethal dose of face-pounding extremity"

Metal Hammer 9/10 - "A gloriously deranged masterpiece"

Biomechanical set out on tour next week - catch them live on these dates:

18.02.08 The Underworld, London
19.02.08 Joiners, Southampton
20.02.08 Junktion 7, Nottingham
21.02.08 Cathouse, Glasgow
22.02.08 Rio's, Leeds

Go to the Biomechanical myspace at www.myspace.com/biomechanical

You can purchase the album at


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