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Though the recording of their full-length EARACHE debut, FEED THE BEAST may be over, the work never stops for BONDED BY BLOOD. After a brief rest, the band went right back into the studio over the weekend to record some extra tracks that had developed over the course of their FEED THE BEAST sessions.

"We made these songs up in the studio while we were over in Sacramento;" recalls BONDED BY BLOOD vocalist, Jose "Aladdin" Barrales. "We'd be sitting around playing video games and all of a sudden, these riffs and licks would come to us."

By the time that the band had grown more comfortable with the surplus of new material they'd quickly created, their time in the studio was already up.  However, with persistence, the band got approval to hit the studio a 2nd time just to record the new extra tracks for inclusion elsewhere. "I know that these songs aren't going to be ready for FEED THE BEAST," says Aladdin, "but the important thing is that we recorded 'em while we still had the energy carrying over from the first session."

How are BONDED BY BLOOD's latest creations turning out, you ask? Let Aladdin give you a brief description. "They're coming up really really good so far...definitely more political than most of our other stuff and sounds like a mix between NUCLEAR ASSAULT and TESTAMENT." "It really makes me want to move, too. If the new stuff makes me want to go skate so it's gotta be good."

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Check out some pictures of the band in the studio during their FEED THE BEAST recording sessions:

See BONDED BY BLOOD extinguish the weak live on stage:

Feb 22 2008     7:00P
Pomona Elks Lodge
Pomona, California

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