Thursday, February 21, 2008


Notorious Death Metal savages Deicide have uploaded a preview of the song 'In the Eyes of God', taken from the forthcoming album 'Till Death Do Us Part', to the band's myspace

A release date of 28th April in Europe and May 13th in the US has been set for 'Till Death Do Us Part'.

Lyrically fueled by Glen Benton's well documented anti-religious views, and musically driven by drummer Steve Asheim's hyperspeed blast mania, fans can rest easy that Deicide have not mellowed at all.

Instead, the band have delivered a bludgeoning set of tunes that should easily cement their position at the pinnacle of the extreme Death Metal scene.

In every sense, Deicide have delivered their fastest and most extreme album ever.

The full tracklisting for 'Till Death Us Do Part' runs as follows:

01. The Beginning of the End
02. Till Death Do Us Part
03. Hate of All Hatreds
04. In the Eyes of God
05. Worthless Misery
06. Severed Ties
07. Not As Long As We Both Shall Live
08. Angel of Agony
09. Horror in the Halls of Stone
10. The End of the Beginning

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