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 In a brand new interview with, MUNICIPAL WASTE's Tony Foresta and Dave Witte talk about the making of THE ART OF PARTYING, their tour with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and much more!

Tony Foresta on paving the way for the reemergence of thrash:

"When we first started, it was just punks and hardcore kids, and we were the ones with the denim vests on, the four of us. Even metal kids in general weren’t dressing like that back then. I say “back then” like this was a long time ago. This was like six or seven years ago. In January [2008], it’ll be seven years. It’s weird. Kids just didn’t really do that. Now, it’s come back so much that people aren’t embarrassed to be into thrash anymore."

Tony Foresta on the art of touring:

"Being on the road for so long between that time and now, we don’t really party as much . The next record is going to called The Art of Not Partying. "

Tony Foresta on the band's partying image:

"That whole image, we’re going to try to stray away from that in the future just because it’s like overshadowing what we do, what we care about…which is playing badass thrash songs. We like to have fun too, but I don’t want that to overshadow…I don’t want it to be some fucking cheesy gimmick. Playing this sort of music is really important to us."

Read's interview with MUNICIPAL WASTE's Tony Foresta and Dave Witte at

Raise those cap brims up high and bring your dirtiest denim to mosh with MUNICIPAL WASTE at these tour dates:

7    Volume 11     Raleigh, North Carolina
8    The Hideway     Johnson City, Tennessee
10    Meridian Red Room     Houston, Texas
11    Red 7     Austin, Texas
12    Red Blood Club     Dallas, Texas
13    Emo's Annex - SXSW     Austin, Texas
14    SXSW     Austin, Texas
15    SXSW     Austin, Texas
16    The Crossing     San Antonio, Texas
18    Sluggo’s     Pensecola, Florida
19    State Theater     St Petersburg, Florida
20    Common Grounds     Gainesville, Florida
21    The Drunken Unicorn     Atlanta, Georgia

April 25-27  
The Palladium
New England Meal & Hardcore Festival
Worcester, Mass.
(Stage time and date TBA).
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