Thursday, February 28, 2008


Manic Irish thrash masters Gama Bomb have completed the recording of their debut album 'Citizen Brain' in Grindstone Studios in Suffolk with producer Scott Atkins.

Singer Philly issued this final report as the sessions drew to a close:


Studio Report 3 - The Final Chapter
Current mood: Thrashed


It seems like the GB boys have done nothing but inhale each others' farts in
the car for an eternity, but we have managed to make it all the way home
from deepest, darkest Suffolk at last. Thursday saw a late night of churning
out killer screams, backing vocals and bass that cleared the way for two
days' hardcore fret-spanking by the mighty Domo, who even demanded an extra
day's time to perfect his shredology. We salute him. And ourselves.

Now that we're back in our respective dens of iniquity, it's hard to believe
we've spent almost a month in the lab, stitching together such a savage
monster of an album. Scurvy, alcoholic poisoning and malnutrition may have
taken their toll, but by Friday morning we were still standing, bleary eyed
and disbelieving as we heard the best thrash for 20 years come screaming
back at us from Scott Atkins' bass woofer.

As with all the best things in life (ketchup, scabs, tortoise racing) good
things will come to those who wait: there'll be no preview for a while and
certainly no sly CD-Rs of this bad boy, but when 'Citizen Brain' drops we'll
be ready. We've discussed how the album might be received by writers,
reviewers, tastemakers and shakers a million times, but the end sum of all
this work is that we don't give a shit. As long as there are thrashers out
there tossing away half of their collection and replacing it with a solitary
disc of Citizen Brain, we'll be happy. That isn't too much to ask, is it?

Here's how 'Citizen Brain' finally worked out in figures:

Tracks: 15

References to brains: TBC

Instances of profanity on album: Over 30

Times Rats: Night Of Terror watched: 12

GBP spent on alcohol: ?500

Blocks of cheese: 10

We have been mostly eating: Crisps, Toast, Cheese, Bacon, Eggs, Beef,
Noodles, Soap, Whatever's Handy

Ailments / injuries accrued by bad diet / alcohol abuse / stupidity during
recording: Unexplained facial wounds, allergic reactions to permanent marker
'comedy' glasses, puncture wounds to soles of feet, acne, halitosis, skits,
skats, gripe, loss of sense of direction, e.coli, upsetness, brain death

GAMA BOMB - Faster Is Gooder


'Citizen Brain' will see a May release.

The band have confirmed UK tour dates with Exodus:

08.04.08 UK London - The Underworld
09.04.08 UK Leeds - Rio's
10.04.08 UK Ireland - Voodoo Lounge
11.04.08 UK Glasgow - Cathouse
12.04.08 UK Sheffield - Corporation

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