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Crazed Irish thrashers Gama Bomb are currently holed up in Grindstone
Studios in Suffolk with producer Scott Atkins, putting the finishing touches
to their imminent debut album, 'Citizen Brain'.

Singer Philly checked in from the recording session to explain how things
have progressed so far:


"How do, thrash farmers,

The G-Max lads are now one week into the recording of our Earache debut
Citizen Brain at Grindstone Studios in deepest, darkest Suffolk with Scott
"Cliffhanger 2" Atkins, and what a week it's been. Three days of tracking
drums saw Paul nail every song down and left him literally letting off some
steam (a la Commando's Captain Bennett) as he sweated off the pounds in the
live room. We're currently editing the resulting tracks and preparing to lay
down rhythm guitars. Evil ones.

Aside from that we're hanging out in the amazing luxury holiday home the E
lads have arranged for us (it's a bit like Radiohead's OK Computer house,
except we're enjoying ourselves), drinking tea in the mornings, beers in the
afternoons, hot whiskey in the evenings and a mixture of all three until the
wee hours of the morning. We're also continuing our quest to watch Italian
shlock horror masterpiece Rats: Night Of Terror 10 times before completing
the album (three and counting) and harassing the neighbour's cats with our
massively-amped riffage in the night

We're ready to lay down some killer geetars next, followed by some
bone-rattling bass, some eye-watering lead and some
shit-on-a-stick-in-the-face vocals, which will surely make Citizen Brain one
of the greatest thrash albums since Hellion Bastion's Pit Commando. We made
that up. Here's how the first week of recording breaks down in figures. Read
them. Know them. Forget them instantly. It's only fashion.

Pounds spent on alcohol: 120
Drum tracks completed: 15
Number of jokes about wanking: 1,456
Number of jokes about Jeremy Beadle: 300
Amount of times Rats: Night Of Terror watched: 3
Hours spent playing Grand Theft Auto: 24
Declarations of love: 5
Shits: 40 +
Musical Diet: Omen, Steeler, Raven, Agent Steel, Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly,
Bruce Springsteen, Mr Big, David Lee Roth, Taste, Tom Waits and God knows
what else...
Food Diet: Toast. And crisps.
Life expectancy for average GB member: 3 months

GAMA BOMB - Faster Is Gooder"

'Citizen Brain' will see a May release.

Check out GAMA BOMB's demo songs on their myspace page

The band have confirmed UK tour dates with Exodus:

08.04.08 UK London - The Underworld
09.04.08 UK Leeds - Rio's
10.04.08 UK Ireland - Voodoo Lounge
11.04.08 UK Glasgow - Cathouse

Gama Bomb also play the following:

23.02.08 DE Wuerzburg - Thrash Assault 2 Festival
11.05.08 UK London - The Scala (w/Sabbat)


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